Sunday, February 1, 2015

Flab Attack February

As we say goodbye to January, we may seem a slow down in our resolutions or goals that we set for ourselves 31 days ago...

I feel as if February gets overshadowed. It's the month following the resolution spree, but still not quite spring yet so, no ambush to get "bikini or race ready yet".

This evening wasn't a particularly good one with my fitness evaluation . With some extra padding accumulated over the past month of birthday indulging ( and a few sickness battles) , I stepped on the scale and secretly knew it was going to be bad. Not to my surprise, I was met with a number I had never seen before there. Yes, I know, I know I claim to be one that's not fond of scale numbers (weight doesn't equal strength) . But there have been multiple signs aka clothes fitting tight, poor eating habits (craving things I used to not etc etc) that have presented themselves. Therefore, I have declared this month to be Flab Attack February. My main focus will still be training for this upcoming half marathon I have in March. However, carrying extra weight on a runner's frame is like asking someone to run with a 10lb dumbell for 13.1 miles (who wants to do that? Not me). That all being said , and knowing what works best for my body, I have devised, and soon hope to conqure, a schedule ..

Monday- Weight training/Yoga 
Tuesday- Track workout
Wednesday- Easy group run , 4-5 miles
Thursday- Training run with client (long distance)
Friday- Weight Train/Yoga
Saturday- Group Long run, preparing with race pace
Sunday- Group run (easy long miles)

I have a PR goal for this half marathon and if I want to be in the best shape for it I need to really focus this month to what needs to be done.

The good thing about this schedule is I've already been doing Wed, Sat, and Sunday training, peppering in the track workout as well. I'm ready to prove to myself that I am a faster runner than I was last year .

All this being said, let me emphasize one point. The goal isn't to be skinny, but more so healthy and strong. The strength is coming along. As for the other part, paying attention to proper fueling and food choices are key for the 1st part. Being skinny isn't something, as a runner, I really need, nor want. I want to be strong and able to complete the races I set forth for myself. Skinny is what is pushed on us, as females, for looks. However to be strong and know you can do what you want is more beautiful and powerful than being skinny.

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