Friday, May 20, 2011

Healthy Alternatives for Snacking

Ok, SO I am a HUGE snacker, especially in between meals. This could be a healthy thing as well as bad thing depending on what you (I) eat.

A lot of times I just crave something sweet, I have a HUGE sweet tooth. I try not to buy lots and lots of sweet because I know if it's in the house, I will eat it! Something my husband I have discovered out here is our love for frozen yogurt (fro-yo). A lot of the places out here are self serve. You walk in, grab a bowl, and select the flavors you want. Some people may say, well I'm vegan or you can't have dairy, well, a lot of fro-yo places have non-dairy options, i'm not exactly sure what's it's made of but they try to cater to all kinds of people (including non-fat and non sugar flavors). Most also offer toppings (this is where you can get in trouble so BE MINDFUL) I like to add on fruit toppings (raspberries and strawberries) and SOMETIMES  half a spoonful of chocolate chips.

One of my favorite Fro-yo stores is located on Hollywood/La Brea. They don't have the biggest selection but it's within walking distant, it's one of the cheapest places in LA (.35 an ounce), and they have REALLY good hours. Another one of my other favorites is located in Santa Monica off of The 3rd Street Promenade. It has about 10-15 different flavors, charges about .45 an ounce, and it's a nice treat to end a day at the beach.

Perhaps you don't have a Frozen Yogurt store in your area, well, I can bet they sell a tub of frozen yogurt at your local grocery store. Ice cream typically contains more fat than frozen yogurt so, when grabbing for the Ben and Jerry's check out the small tub of frozen yogurt. Make sure you look at the calories as well as the amount of sugar.

I've posted a video on youtube about my little excursion to Cantaloop below. Hope you like it!

Stay Posted, Stay Healthy!

Healthy Snacking

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


After thinking about it and talking to a few people I've decided to take a step farther into my "reaching out program" and made a youtube channel for myself. I decided that I really love fitness/nutrition and travel why not combine them? I received some great encouragement and realized why not, why not me? While I'm doing all of this traveling why not post videos about healthy places to eat, places to hike, ride bikes, and scenic areas to adventure out to.  I know the first thing I do when we're going someplace new is google and youtube the area (i personally prefer video but, some places just don't have many people posting). I'm going to try posting a video either every week, when I have time, or when I discover something new to share (hoping for the 1 a week) It's going to be about fitness, exercise, healthy food, recent articles I've read, self-help books, as well as travel info.

Here is the link Lori's Youtube post . It's my first post. It's a tad rough, my editing skills are not the best, but hopefully it'll get better. I hope you enjoy it and those that are to come. I think my first  real post is going to be about my recent blog posting, The joys of Plateauing, so stay posted, stay healthy!

Anyway, if you have any suggestions, restaurants you want advice on, or anything you may want some more info on please let me know and I'll start doing research!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Plateau anyone? My experience and some suggestions on how to deal with it.

I just want to preface this note for those that are in the blog world seeing this that do not know me personally. First off, I'm not a exercise scientist.I'm a common 25 year old female that love exercise and is a new Personal Fitness Trainer. What I know (and mostly write about) is what I have learned from personal as well as others personal experience.I just want to share it with those that may be having similar experiences. If you have something to add or correct PLEASE feel free to comment down below. Thank you!

So, for those that know me, I'm right around my healthy weight. I didn't go on this adventure to "lose weight" but more so become healthier and toner. Back when I was marching winter guard (2008) I was doing 24 hours (6pm-Midnight Friday & 8am-10pm Saturday) of practice on the weekend plus weight lifting 2 days a week. That was probably the best shape I was ever in (i'm getting close to it tho!!)

I started taking a lot of cardio classes (dancing/toning/strengthening/yoga) as well as training for the 5K here in LA back in February. I started seeing results right away. My arms were getting toner, my tank tops didn't have a bulge in the middle anymore, and my knees were getting much stronger.

Right around the beginning of April, I stopped seeing changes. My weight went back up to where I had started. I was dumbfounded. I really tried calculating my calories, eating healthier and still no change. The dance studio, I'm at, offers around 70+ classes and I realized I needed to take more advantage of them. While studying for my PFT exam I needed help with muscle memorization, a friend of mine (who is a certified PFT) suggested I take this sculpting class because the instructor talks about the muscles being used while doing exercises. Basically it is a weight lifting class including cardio and core training. After 1 day of taking it I noticed a HUGE response with my body and I wasn't sore afterwards. I also noticed my strength and stamina were much better in my cardio classes, during the strength training portion. I now try to get to one of the weight training classes at least twice a week.

It has really sculpted my arms and my stomach. I also love to celebrate the small weight changes as well. I began the class with using 2 and 3 pound weights (we do 1 exercise : front raises or bicep curls, for an entire length of a song= LOTS of reps) and now when I'm at the fitness gym I use 5 pounds to my own playlist and use 4 lbs (mostly) at the studio. I've done a lot of research and have really tried to follow the correct format ( as well as what they use at the dance studio) to get the maximum results as well as a good response from my body = NO MORE PLATEAU

Here are some of the best ways (I have been taught/researched) to get the best results from a workout using weights.

1. Static stretching for 8-10 minutes
2. Some form of cardio to get your core warm/lose, not be as sore afterwards, as well as a raise in your body temp.
      a. When I'm on my own I like to do about 10 minutes on the treadmill and run for about a mile, whichever comes first

Afterwards you can do the weight exercises really anyway you prefer. However, it's important to really work the larger muscles/groups first (biceps vs triceps etc) Also, If I do 2-3 arm exercises, I try to give them a little rest and focus on either my legs/abs and the revisit the previous area.

3. In my class we use the body bar a lot at the beginning (I use a 9 pound bar) and do many over head presses. In the gym they range from 10-20lbs (the 10lb is always taken) so I use the 20lb and don't do as many reps and rest more in between

     Reps- When I'm by myself, I know I'm more likely to give in to pain quicker than when I'm in class. SO, When I'm working a muscle area that I KNOW needs work/is weak= Triceps for me, I interchange them with pulses, instead of doing the whole range of motion A. it's harder and B. it gives GREAT results. When I'm getting to the point when my body wants to stop I count down from 8, and then count back up to 8 and then back down. Sometimes if I feel like I can do more I continue the pattern again. It really keeps me from quitting early and pushes me past where I think I can go.

4. More movement- One thing that I really owe a HUGE thanks to my instructors is the knowledge of using more muscles. If you can move a leg while you're doing something with your arm DO IT! it gives you more balance, burns MORE calories, and helps with coordination.
     a. I HATE sitting at a bench and doing arm weight lifting. A it's boring and B don't we sit enough hours a day?  SO get off of you're thang! lol
      This is something we ALWAYS do in class. We have our legs moving during our arm exercises. It tones you're legs, strengthens you're hamstrings/quads and your BUTT. It's also great to change it up every now and then and use opposite legs and arms. It's like the whole pat your head and rub you're stomach, it's fun :)

SO.. Plateau, don't be discourage. It can mean lots of things, but in the long run your body is actually close to it's goal weight OR your body has adjusted to the routine/pattern of what you've given it and it's time to shake things up. Instead of just walking on the treadmill, do some crunches or find some 2.5 weights and start out doing 8-12 bicep curls 2-3 times. The trick is to confuse you're body. Make it always guessing.

I hope this encourages someone or helps someone with some problems with they are having. Keep pushing, you can do it.

Stay Healthy!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Exciting news :)

For those that even read this, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. Everything has been put on hold...But a bit a good news

I PASSED THE TEST, I am now officially a Personal Fitness Trainer. All I had left to do was attend a CPR/AED class and ship my card in the mail. I'm waiting to receive my card to send it..but YAY..i was so excited. I was in the apt complex lobby and I screamed so loud lol

ALSO, My husband and I found out we're moving to Hawaii: The Big Island, Hilo Hawaii. It's a much smaller town, but I'm hoping the scenic area will make up for it. We fly out June 2nd. Right now we already found a storage unit for the car and our items and now i'm in the process of packing things in suitcases that we can do without this month. We are only taking with us what we can fit into suitcases that will be on the plane with us. CRAZY, I'm a girly girl when it comes to having options for clothing, so it's going to be lots of cramming and shoving., I went into Victoria's Secret the other day. I worked at a VS store  the Christmas before last (2009) and I had to wear a size Medium in their PINK jogging pants. I went to try some on the other day and their medium was falling off of me. I fit into a small!! I was so excited :) my numbers on the scale fluctuate 1-2 lbs every day and I feel as if I have no successes with that thing...but little things like this give me hope lol.

WHEW's been crazy.  

Sunday, May 1, 2011

2 Goals Completed- 7 Miles + 35 miles in 3 weeks

PHEW what a week. I had been anticipating getting my results back from AFAA but, maybe next week?

On Monday night I didn't feel too good, Tuesday morning= SORE throat..tired & sneezing/running nose. First thoughts?..greeeeeeaaaaaattt...I was pretty much a couch potato All Tuesday and Wed. yay for Friends and my Iphone to keep me entertained.

Thursday I went and cleaned at Swerve but came home as soon as I was done..:( no class for me :( Friday felt a little better and today I'm just (i had previously just been a zombie staring at the tv with my mouth hanging open and ending every word with a d sound (yes reference to a Friends episode)

I had felt guilty ALL WEEK about not working out and just eating and eating..SO Today Josh suggested we go to LA fitness if I was up to it? I had glanced at my Nike + profile and I saw I had only 7 miles left on my goal...I knew I would be really irritated if I did 4 or 5 and only have 2-3 left.. so..I set a goal..I will do 7.

Got to the gym, did my stretching, did my 8 minute continuous Ab workouts (btw I've discovered some AMAZING Ab workouts from trainers at my dance studio as well as my magazines, no I don' t have a 6 (it's actually one of the hardest areas/last areas/ to define on your body) If you want some ideas.. just let me know!
    - Continued weight lifting  a few small arm weights (i know, I know cardio before weights, but I knew I needed to re-tone some muscles)
        Then I hopped on the Treadmill. I walked for a bit, stopped, stretched, then set my speed to 4.5 (when I first started running I was at a 4.3, crazy!!) and set an incline to 2. I did this as a warm-up for the first .50 mile and then started jogging at a 5.2, 0 incline. I knew I needed to pace myself. 5.2 is a little slow for my run but I wanted to be able to get through the miles. I did intervals of running at this pace for 1 mile..then walking with the incline for .3 miles...around mile 5.. I almost stopped..Josh had left to go to the bike..he had already did about 60 minutes of fast running ..dang track stars lol just concentrated on the episode of House in front of me on the YAY for distractions...I finally got through the 7 miles and did a small fist pump for celebration (and proceeded to receive a weird glance from the guy next to me...ooowwell. )

So on the left it states "Lori's Rewards"- New tanktop for the 7 miles & iphone arm band for the goal..well.. I already cheated.. I was at my dance studio and saw an AMAZING tank top..and they only had one left in my I bought it BUT i hung it up in the closet and told myself i would NOT wear it until I got passed this goal ( and I didn't so..yay)..ALSO.. my iphone holder was previously pre-purchased. I was at tjmaxx browsing and they had one for 9.99...everywhere else is asking 19.99+ so I purchased it and used it at the gym. A lot of my shorts/pants don't have pockets and I was tired of holding it or sticking it in the band of my shorts... It's hard to lift weights and listen to music with that thing slipping every 5 minutes.. SO.. I kinda cheated with that one...but I'm not replacing that reward with! No buyers remorse haha.

.ANYWAY.. keep ur fingers crossed that I get GOOD results this week. I'm gonna schedule for my CPR/AED class this week as know I don't understand why teachers are not required to have this...( i know i know it's more money and more of our time...that teachers do NOT have) but..think about it.. some schools don't have nurses during the entire school day..what happens if a Kindergartner was choking on something? I would have some what of an idea of what to do..but.. I could potentially harm them and then get sued...yay...So..just a thought to chew on

Stay Healthy!