Wednesday, May 18, 2011


After thinking about it and talking to a few people I've decided to take a step farther into my "reaching out program" and made a youtube channel for myself. I decided that I really love fitness/nutrition and travel why not combine them? I received some great encouragement and realized why not, why not me? While I'm doing all of this traveling why not post videos about healthy places to eat, places to hike, ride bikes, and scenic areas to adventure out to.  I know the first thing I do when we're going someplace new is google and youtube the area (i personally prefer video but, some places just don't have many people posting). I'm going to try posting a video either every week, when I have time, or when I discover something new to share (hoping for the 1 a week) It's going to be about fitness, exercise, healthy food, recent articles I've read, self-help books, as well as travel info.

Here is the link Lori's Youtube post . It's my first post. It's a tad rough, my editing skills are not the best, but hopefully it'll get better. I hope you enjoy it and those that are to come. I think my first  real post is going to be about my recent blog posting, The joys of Plateauing, so stay posted, stay healthy!

Anyway, if you have any suggestions, restaurants you want advice on, or anything you may want some more info on please let me know and I'll start doing research!

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