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I did not take this picture and therefore take no credit it for it ..BUT I did photoshop the words in...One of my new favorite verses

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Wonder Women on the Run: You're Already Amazing, Chapter 1 Study

Would you like to have coffee?
Holly Gerth opens up her book by inviting you to sit down and having a quick coffee date to tell you some very important news that God wants us, as women, to hear.

~ It's time to know you are amazing~'s the thing. You're not only amazing...
  •  You're beautiful
  • You're enough
  • You're wanted 
  • You're chosen
  • You're called
  • You're got what it takes
As I sit here and look at these phrases, I still can't 100% believe this and my question is why? Why as women is it so hard for us to take this, run with it, and fully believe in it through and through? Take the first line...I (and I'm sure others out there) could really flip this sentence around  " Maybe if my teeth were more straighter, I would be beautiful....nose smaller, eyes bigger etc etc. " Fill it in as you may but it's the long winded standard of being happy with who you are...Why is it so hard?

The It Girl

The " It girl". Shes the women on the TV, on the red carpet, the one with the million dollar home, the closet full of clothes, the star on Hollywood Blvd. Holley Gurth defines her as " as women who has it all together- whatever "it" is at the moment. It happens even in church. " It's who can be the sweetest, godliest, most servant-hearted". Practically the perfect model of the Proverbs 31:10-31 women. We look at that and I even think, why bother, I could never achieve that.

Before we get all downhearted and distressed, I think we need to take another look at who and what God as his "it Girls".
  The women of the bible. There is not much history to go on, other than a few short stories, some just a few verses, but in a book FULL of men, they must have done something right to be memorable. 

  •  Ruth; because of her FAITHFULNESS to her mother in law and PASSION for God's word, God rewarded her with another husband, after her first had passed. 
  • Because of Rahab's COURAGE He made her one of His people
  • Esther; She possessed the STRENGTH to stand up in front of king, for the life of her people
 There are a few more, but I think i've made my point. These women were not of much importance, in their communities, but they possessed the love of the Lord and proved it in their actions, they were not like most women of their time.

As Holley Gerth says " Most people...don't build an ark"
                                   " Most people don't...lead people through the desert to the promise land"
                                  ...." But aren't we glad one person did do each of these things?"

When we look at ourselves, We may not be the "it girl" or "Most people" but we are one individual made special by God. "Most people don't do what you do, love what you love, feel the kind of passion you feel about that thing."

I Love that phrase. I am really bad about comparing myself to others and maybe even think I'm a little odd because I'm so passionate about a few things to the point of even hiding in order to try to fit in. That pretty much sums up the majority of my high school years. Alas, the labels "band nerd, and music dork" seemed to follow me wherever I went. ..But, I seem to recall there was once a small boy in the field protecting his sheep, with the same passion, constantly playing a harp. Would you find it odd that that's all cared about? I bet you would regret making fun of him if you knew one day, he was going to become a king? :)

NO matter what you do, no matter what you're passionate about "the heartbeat of God is probably somewhere within it. Bring your gift to the world in a way no one else can".

"In your own wonderful way, you're God's "it girl" and that's amazing."

Now, Here are some questions about this chapter. PLEASE feel free to comment on them, I would love to hear others thoughts about this chapter.


1. If you had coffee today with a close friend, and she asked you how you were REALLY doing, what would you say?

2. The "It Girl" is thought of as a women everyone wants to be like in our culture. Do you ever feel pressure to be like women in the media? Share one example

3. We sometimes feel shame about who we are or what we do. We tell ourselves, "most people don't..." but those very things can be important parts of the unique way God has created us to make a difference in the world . What are those for you? Finish this sentence below: "Most people don't, but I..."

Have a great week! Chapter 2 to follow Next Sunday!

Women Women on the Run:A Bible Study for the busy women

I'm going to start a small/weekly bible study on "You're Already Amazing" by Holley Gerth. Nothing very demanding but words I think should be shared. I've only read the first 2 chapters and I want to highlight every other paragraph! You don't have to buy the book, I'm going to type of a summery of every chapter as well as some food for thought questions that can be answered just at home, emailed to me, or into the discussion group. Time requirement would be a chapter a week, or 5-6 questions a week. This book is about helping you discover that God loves you the way you are, helping you discover the skills and strengths He gave you, and how you can possibly use them to glorify His name in your life. SUCH A MOVING BOOK

Saturday, April 7, 2012


So, Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Things have been a tad crazy!

My husband got a new assignment in San Antonio, Texas within weeks of us being done with the assignment in Florida. We had two weeks to organize everything and get it all to fit into my Honda CRV.

It was a tight squeeze but we made it

Our first day was Tampa to Baton Rouge,LA. It was a long day of driving but kept ourselves entertained by music and movies

Our second day was a bit shorter.

We finally made it ! His assignment is only for 2 months so his agency put us in a hotel room.

It was definitely an adjustment going from a VERY spacious one bedroom apartment, to a hotel with no kitchen.
Here are some pics of my arrangements

 My cooking area, AKA the right hand side of the bathroom vanity

My Food Pantry