Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Work vs workout

I got a job back in June. Before that I was doing P90x faithfully for about a week and 1/2. Once I started working, I would come home from a 8-9 hour shift on my feet all but 1 hour, cook dinner, clean the house and by then was just exhausted and didn't want to do anything physical. Well everything I had work for went out the door. My upper body doesn't retain muscle for very long. If I do some weight lifting on Monday it shows on Tuesday and then If I don't do it again by Friday it's gone. Same with my stomach, If I eat poorly for 2-3 days my shorts and tanktops all are really tight, it's very frustrating. I can only imagine it getting worse as I get older. So...P90X kinda got put back on the shelf, as did my body. 

I was trying to wear a tanktop the other day and it looked horrible, I looked very pudgy in it So.. I decided I was tired of being unhappy. Even though I am a Fitness Trainer, I was letting the very thing beat me that I get frustrated at others about "I don't have time... I'm too tired"...= an EXCUSE. I've learned if you WANT something to happen you give it everything to make it happen. So.. I found an alternative.

Every morning that Josh works I get up at 5:30, make his lunch, and take him to work. If I work that day as well, the earliest I go in is 9:45 = me leaving the house at 9:15. By the time I get home from taking josh to work (around 6:45) I have 1-2 hours before I start getting ready. Usually I pick up the apt, dishes, laundry but I spend most of it on the computer or catching up with a few of my chick shows on the comp, just waking up. So..I'm trying out a workout series called 10 Minute Trainer. It's great, It has a warm up/cool down, core, abs, Lower body, and upper body workouts. It was created by Tony Horton (my fave P90X guru. ) It's really simple, You do 10 moves in 10 minutes. It may not sound like a lot but by the end I'm always out of breath and sweaty!. It makes me feel good that I'm doing something good for my body. What I love the most about it is it takes only 10 minutes (4 minutes as well for a warm up/cool down ALWAYS DO THESE!) :) I'm hoping I can stick to this every day. I'm already on day two..so..let's keep out fingers crossed!