Thursday, December 29, 2011

Florida or Bust!!

Our new assignment is leading us to Wesley Chapel, a city just north of Tampa, Florida.

After driving, with a Uhaul, across the US we decided that it would really help our wallet if we could manage without a Uhaul. It would also help the wear and tear on our car. SO, after about 2 weeks of sorting through our personal items, we THINK we have it down to what we can live off of for the next year or so. Hopefully when we get to Florida we can go through a few more items and be more conscientious of accumulating items.

This what my parents garage looked like after we unloaded the Uhaul. This is also missing 3 suitcases and a desktop computer

After spending 2 weeks, sorting our items, we were able to get it down to this. Even a few items from this picture didn't make it in the car.
Most of the apartments, provided by my husband's agencies, are furnished with only furniture. We are responsible for linens, as well as the kitchen (minus a microwave) SO, After major thinning, I was able to get our kitchen down to a suitcase as well as a Rubbermaid tote, WAHOO!

Getting the topper on and securing it down!
The car is a little back heavy, BUT everything fits, the bag is secure (we did a short excursion on the Bluegrass going 70 MPH to check the security of the bag/ties). SO, looks like we are all systems go for our next 15 and 1/2 hour trek to Florida!

We are driving 11 hours as of Dec 30, 2011 stopping in Jacksonville for the night, then heading to Tampa on New Years Eve!

We hope the drive goes smoothly and we are blessed with more safe driving!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our 2,000+ Mile Drive across the United States

As of December 2nd we were no longer residents of Hawaii.

We stayed up til midnight, the night of the 1st, cleaning the apt and doing last minute packing . We slept for 3 hours and got up for our flight.

Candid pictures of us at the airport :) The sun wasn't even up until we landed in Oahu.

 The Hilo Coastline as well as the last view of Mauna Kea :( so sad :(

Last views of Oahu, Aloha Hawaii

Flying over Los Angeles,. So hard to believe we were just here 6 months ago.

We opened our storage unit and everything was still there!!! wahoo!!!

Now to begin our 3 day trek from California to Kentucky 

The first day was an 8 hour drive to Flagstaff Arizona. The morning was beautiful, the mountains from California-Arizona are amazing.  On the 2nd day of our trip we were able to stop by a school that Josh and I helped out with our campus ministry from Murray, KY

 DAY 2 Flagstaff-Oklahoma City

The 2nd day was very lengthy, I think it was a 15-17 hour drive. I know it says 14 on the GPS but it was 17 hours with the Uhaul behind us,
Didn't get too many pictures other than at the church. We drove quite a LOT. Funny enough, my brain still thought I was in Hawaii. I woke up once looking at a convenience store selling moccasins. I was like moccasins?! who sells moccasins!! (thinking..In Hawaii) Josh was like um...we are in Arizona. LOL It was funny. 

NEW MEXICO = The longest state to drive though, 6 Fun full hours.

We were only in this room for 6 hours but it was awesome.

DAY 3-Oklahoma City- Lexington KY

 Had some fun car entertainment, so glad we had the laptop and movies to watch/listen to.

We made great time on the 3rd day (I pushed 70 almost the whole way when i drove). It was about 14:30 real time with the UHAUL.

Well, When we got to Lexington, it was pretty dark, but this is what the garage looked like the next day after we unloaded the car and Uhaul.
After 5 days of sorting we were able to get it down to a car load  (honda CRV,) and a car topper. :)