About Me



 I love to travel and have lived in many different places.

 While discovering the US I've also discovered myself along the way. 


 I've always been a huge writer, only in my personal journals, but why not toss this out in a void and hope to possibly inspire someone else?

As I was looking for help in my soul search, I kept finding dead-ends until I found someone's  personal journey depicted in her blog. I was very grateful to have found it and it gave me hope that I too could succeed in my endeavors. As stated in the bio portion of this blog, I attended a public University for a degree in which I thought I was destined for. After 5 years of grueling tests, jumping through every hoop set up, I finally achieved a diploma and everything was ready for me to succeed. Only, After a few short months I realized I wasn't happy and was crushed to actually to finish each day mentally exhausted and doubtful. Was this to be my future?  There was a family relocation across the country in store . I was unsure and afraid of what affects this may have on my career. So, I guess you could say I took a hiatus from any career searching and took some time to find who I really am and what it is I really enjoy. I guess California can do that to a person. I realized I have been given the gift of a strong body and really enjoying being around empowering women. I want to pay it forward and help women (and teenagers) realize their TRUE potential and help prove to them that they are strong and can push themselves farther than they think! By this realization, I've started a journey in becoming a personal fitness trainer, as well as a group fitness trainer. No, it is not my intention to be negative or over bearing, I want to help people discover the positive, beautiful inner self, and help them reveal that to the world.

Personal Fitness Trainer-AFAA 2011
Yoga Booty Ballet Instructor Certified- Swerve Dance Studio 2014


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