Friday, February 22, 2013

My Challenge- Winning By Losing

Aloha and E Komo Mai to my blog once again! It's been a while since I've posted about my latest adventures but it's already been a very busy year! I welcomed the new year by running my first marathon in Walt Disney World and said hello to turning 25 yet again..ok ok 27.. but who's keeping track ;0)

Since September 2012 I've been on a continuous journey on becoming the best version of myself that I can be. It hasn't been all smooth sailing but because of this, I've learned a lot about health, nutrition, fitness, but most importantly how to become the strongest version of who I am. I recently hit a rather large achievement and have finally had the motivation to allow people in on my journey. Some could call this bragging, others showing off. For those that feel that way, I encourage you to see past that as a way to empower health and fitness in a society that is very unhealthy. I'm hoping this blog can help others, that are also struggling, find some tips and run with it, help them connect pieces to their own puzzle. This journey was to challenge the excuses of "I don't have money to eat right, I don't have the time, I don't have the gym membership,or I can't afford the program." I can't and will not be able to solve every issue but I attempt to hit as many as possible...This is just a foreshadowing of whats to be seen in my posts.

I wasn't considered fat but.. I wasn't happy. In January 2012 I finished my first half marathon but had yet to put my running shoes back on and spent the majority of the year not fit. I was active, I road my bike and went to the beach but I could notice I wasn't near as strong as I was leading up to the race. When I was back in Hawaii hiking wasn't easy for me (due to lack of strength in my knee) as well as running. When I went zip lining we had to weigh ourselves in (no harness and with sneakers) eyes bugged out when I saw 142....That's the heaviest I had been...ever...I was shocked ..but..This was my wake up call. Losing weight wasn't a HUGE deal with me, honestly weight is a number.. I wanted to be stronger, fit.. and hopefully have a beautiful stomach someday.

I decided it was time to challenge myself, I wanted to become an athlete, if running was my sport then so be it. After a month of trying protein shakes and researching shakeology and meal replacements I realized this could be a costly endevour and saw that I had a chance to challenge myself. Something along the lines of, what would happened if I did "Old school" ...hard work and balanced nutrition. This meant no supplements, no fancy gym memberships, and low amount of money. I pretty much got my inspiration from The Biggest's Loser's mantra "no excuses". I knew it could possibly take longer but, I figured If I lost, then I would lose weight. If I won, then the best prize was getting healthy .it was a "lose lose situation ;) ".  Well.. this.. is my story.

I made a page of this entire story in the tabs above this post. In the tabs will be (once written) more of the story as well as a nutrition and a fitness section. This wasn't a journey on my own, I have MANY, MANY people to thank . Through this blog I intend to do so.

So.. If I haven't lost you yet..please feel free to read always
Stay Posted...Stay healthy