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 When I first developed this blog I wanted to focus more on nutrition and fitness. Since then It's evolved into more of a running/race blog.

One thing I really want to start promoting are blogs about adventures and pictures taken. A lot of my trips have been to really awesome places. Since going we have learned tips and tricks on where to get best pictures, sites away from the crowds, and how to get to places not advertised A LOT easier.  Hopefully this will help others who are wanting to go on the same trips and make their trips even more amazing!

I will post the links to the articles under the this page to keep them more organized and easy to find

Again, thanks for reading! if you have ANY questions please feel free to email me : musicforever04@gmail.com

Big Island Lava Adventure - Part 1
Big Island Lava Adventure- Part 2, Local Style
Big Island-Waimanu Valley

A day hike on the Appalachian Trail- Damascus, Virgina

Yellowstone National Park-Fall

I'm a little behind on A LOT of hikes, but with this 3 month job hiatus, I'm hoping to catch up and post  A LOT more :)

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