Monday, May 9, 2011

Exciting news :)

For those that even read this, I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. Everything has been put on hold...But a bit a good news

I PASSED THE TEST, I am now officially a Personal Fitness Trainer. All I had left to do was attend a CPR/AED class and ship my card in the mail. I'm waiting to receive my card to send it..but YAY..i was so excited. I was in the apt complex lobby and I screamed so loud lol

ALSO, My husband and I found out we're moving to Hawaii: The Big Island, Hilo Hawaii. It's a much smaller town, but I'm hoping the scenic area will make up for it. We fly out June 2nd. Right now we already found a storage unit for the car and our items and now i'm in the process of packing things in suitcases that we can do without this month. We are only taking with us what we can fit into suitcases that will be on the plane with us. CRAZY, I'm a girly girl when it comes to having options for clothing, so it's going to be lots of cramming and shoving., I went into Victoria's Secret the other day. I worked at a VS store  the Christmas before last (2009) and I had to wear a size Medium in their PINK jogging pants. I went to try some on the other day and their medium was falling off of me. I fit into a small!! I was so excited :) my numbers on the scale fluctuate 1-2 lbs every day and I feel as if I have no successes with that thing...but little things like this give me hope lol.

WHEW's been crazy.  

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