Thursday, February 26, 2015

Weekly Goal Plans - Starting March Right :)

 So sadly, the last half of February got away from me.

I personally fell into this place of ...well, lack of motivation. I was sidelined with another sickness as well as injured for a week.

Some job aspects fell apart (again) yet, strangely opened the door for something that I should have been pursuing all along.

Even though it's not the first of March, quite yet, I've decided I'm going to end February on a positive note, looking forward to the things I want to accomplish for next month. :)


  1. Continue " adapted Whole 30" plan by focusing on eliminating as much "added in sugar" in my meals
  2. Continue " adapted whole 30 plan" by creating meals from scratch and at least processed as possible
  3. Continue " adapted whole 30 plan" by making conscious choices for cravings AKA, only eating half the suggested serving sizes on "non kosher" items
  4. Continue " adapted whole 30 plan " by always having bananas, Larabars, or an apple available in my bag while out of the house
  5. Continue "adapted whole 30 plan" by substituting carb loaded sides for vegetables and or healthier options.
  6. Carry hydroflask with me, drinking 2 containers  worth of water a day.

  1. Be more purposeful about making larger dinners for leftovers for husbands lunch
  2. Evening walks on day's off


  1. Finish YBB Choreography
  2. Rent Studio for YBB Class
  3. Teach at least one YBB Class in March
  4. Attend at least 5 yoga classes
  5. Complete half marathon and be thankful for my time and ability 
  6. Work on a Handstand once a week
  7. Attend a HUT workout once a week (no matter how much I don't want to go).


1, Finish books (including "It Starts With food") By the end of March.
2.  Talk less, listen more
3. Be thankful before I start to complain 
4. Take facebook app off of homescreen

  1. Sell at least one item, from sell pile, once a week online
  2. Organize one room, a week
  3. Take two donation trips to Salvation Army
  4. Continue couponing
  1. Continue grocery /money envelope program 
  2. Pay off Macy's Card  YAY!!!!
  3. Continue $50-$100 a week savings
  4. Pay $100-$200 in debt towards both accounts
  5. Save at least $100 for Boston Trip
  6. Swagbuck/Shopkick more to earn free groceries again

Well, there you have it. It's a long list but I plan on breaking these down into more detailed goals week by week once March actually arrives. 

February was a good month . We really have been focused on living under our means , trying to get some financial burdens off our backs. There have been a few "stressful" moments but it's nice to finally see some headway being made and our sacrifices have been worth it.  

What are some goals you plan on making/achieving in the coming months?

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