Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekly Round Up- Training, Sprint Triathlon, and Funk

Weekly Roundup
Half Marathon Training, a Triathlon, and Some more FUNK

     I had a really awesome training week as we are 5 weeks (4 full training weeks) out from the Hilo Half Marathon. 

  I made some advances in the employment situation but now I'm playing the waiting game to see what step must be taken next. While waiting, I focused my time on running and staying in shape for (Hopefully) my best Half Marathon yet.

I originally set my sites on the full, but just really wasn't motivated to do 16-18 mile runs. So I took a step back and realized what would be best for me, Hilo Half now, Kona full in June. :) 

Monday- Day off from running. Chalene extreme weight video. I also walked 2 miles with my doggy that I exercise 2-3 times a week. It's a hilly route so, it's a good workout for the legs.

Tuesday- Track workout. I originally went it with the idea of doing 6 400's and 800 repeats but I did 1 400 and I was like oh gosh, there is no way my body can handle that. SO, I took it down a notch. 

I did 1 lap around the track (400)...walked for 200, jogged for 200,
sprint for 200, walked for  100, Jog for 100, 
Repeat 6 times

It was kind of humorous. My phone was dying, my arm band didn't want to stay on , and my headphones were going in and out. I was like "are you kidding me?" but, I got my 6 in , I could hardly breath at the end of each lap, and I stunk pretty bad. All and all I chalk it up to a good workout lol
My view of beautiful Hilo Bayfront before my run 

Wednesday - I ran 3 miles with a friend and then joined the Hilo Running Club group to run that evening for almost 4 miles. I've declared Wed as more of a fun run day. Beforehand, this was a Tempo day (trying to run race pace ). But with track day the day before, my legs were just exhausted. So, I pick a friend to run with and just talk story. I still get my miles and exercise without killing my legs.
Beautiful view of  Honoli'i surf park during our run

Thursday- I have my running client whom is also training for the Hilo Half. We've decided each week we meet, we are adding a mile up the Hamakua coast, aka the race course. It was extremely hot that morning (8:30 start). We did 8 miles with some nasty hills included. It made me realize I need to def add more hills into my workouts. I also walked 2 miles with the puppy again .

Friday - My day off from running to gear up for the weekend. I did a weight training video but only did the upper body portion and only 1 set of squats. No sense in trashing my legs the day before my long run.  Doggy walk 1.5 miles

Saturday- 9 mile run on part of the Hilo Half Marathon course. To be honest I was slightly dreading this run. Rolling out of bed at 5:30 am, knowing I had a hard run in front me , gave me more than enough excuse to just roll over or just sit at home and drink coffee. BUT my 2 lovely running partners would be there waiting. Accountability is amazing , but such a pain sometimes LOL
We started out from the store on Hilo's bayfront and ran left up the Hamakua coast. . My friends I ran with set a tough pace, especially with the hills. By the 4.5 mile turn around I was happy for the 2-3 minute breather. The pace going back picked up considering there were less inclines and more declines. Once again I fell back on the inclines but tried to catch up on the declines. 

It was a great run and went by pretty quickly but not painless. By mile 6.5 I had to start my "keep running, keep running" mantra on one slow incline. My brain told me to walk but I told my legs to keep a movin. 
It wasn't a pretty run but it was one of the quickest long runs I have done in probably a year. I've come a long way in my running and I always tell myself anything under a 10 minute pace is something worth celebrating in my book. 

We celebrated by visiting the adjacent farmers market and getting a coconut from a vendor. They cut it open for you and the water is AMAZING. 
lol Not spoiled at all :) I mean where else can you buy a fresh coconut after a run? 
I also did a quick mile around the garden area later that afternoon to even out the 9 to 10 . It was more of a recovery run, but it was too beautiful outside not to. 

 Sunday - Was somewhat of an impromptu sprint triathlon. It was free and so I decided to try it out . ( Haha get it? TRI it out?...oh brother)... ANYWAY...

 I was nervous about the swim and the bike, considering I've been mainly focusing on running lately. A friend of mine was doing it as well so I decided, what the heck, why not. From our bike set up area we could see the huge swells from the beach. I was a bit apprehensive but once the horn went off I jumped in. The swim felt like it was a washing machine and I just could not go anywhere. The swim back was the hardest. The problem with swimming in the ocean , you can see the coral and realize I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE! lol The race coordinator noticed a lot of us were worried about the waves and gave us the option of only doing one lap. So, taking his suggestion, I did LOL. I got out with my friend and jumped on the bike. I haven't biked in a while and forgot how much I loved it. My bike isn't super fancy but she's cute and mine. I love going fast and felt really strong . I pulled into the transition and put my running shoes on. I pushed it a little too hard on the bike and spent the first mile just trying to get my breathing control, legs were fine, stupid small lungs. 

When I finished I caught my breath and turned around to run my friend in. I was so happy to be racing somewhere where I knew someone. All to often the only person I know in races is Josh. :)
It was a fun race and good way to start off Sunday morning.

 I've also been continuing my Uptown Funk Challenge. I haven't done it today yet (letting my second cup of coffee settle) but I will do it. It's part of my routine and I'm def noticing  some new core muscle. The soreness is gone but parts of the video are still difficult. 

So, there is my week. I'm hoping I can continue this momentum and just keep adding on everything to get me in the strongest form for the half marathon.

Thanks for reading
Stay posted
Stay Healthy :)

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