Saturday, June 25, 2011

P90X- lets do it to it!

I was sitting at home last night, on the couch, flipping through the tv and saw a workout infomercial. I've been complaining to my husband about how I was loosing my muscle tone QUICKLY and hated that we really have no access to machines/free weights (we don't want to apply to another gym and have no exercise room in our complex).

I remember Josh scanned all of our workout dvd's onto our external hard drive, we brought with us, and found the P90X series. I realized I spend a lot of nights, sitting on the couch watching or on the internet, so why not use my time usefully.

As of June 25 I'm starting/started the P90X series and hope to finish the program...
..keyword HOPE HAHA
I'm not in it to lose weight, I'm actually.."around" my ideal weight, I really want my muscle tone back, PLUS I need to strengthen my knees for the run.  I don't have a scale (couldn't fit it in the suitcases) but I do want to keep up with my measurements I'm going out to purchase a cheap body measure tape ( I left mine in LA :P)

Hopefully I'll keep up with the workout as well as posting about it...just to keep me on track.. and on purpose..

Here are some before pics

I plan on adding measurements as soon as I get them.

Last Night I did The Chest and Back video= 59+ minutes of 2 circuits of 12 exercises working chest, lats, as well as biceps, triceps , deltoids, and abs.
  It really concentrated on my number one hate, pushups. I HATE pushups. I have this weird thing where my elbows pop every time if my arms are not out wide enough,? I dunno. I've worked with a few trainers on this and I just have to work up the muscle around that area. We did a lot of various pushups (diamond, Military, downward dog, and decline (legs up on a chair) ) I did all of the pushups on my knees. :( I know pathetic...but I got about 20 reps both circuits so..hopefully I can work it up to half of the reps on my knees and half on my toes, finishing with all on toes. We also did a lot of chin ups. Now I don't have a chin up bar (or weights)..but I do have resistance bands, so I wrapped the resistance band around the leg of my table and laid on the floor. This may not have been working my back as much as it should have but, I WAS getting the bicep burn , that is included in the chin ups. :)

What I REALLY like about P90X is the guy really know his stuff. He does everything correctly. He starts out with a little cardio (which a LOT of trainers do not) then does about 5-8 minutes of stretching and then gets right into the routine, with lots of water breaks. According to the athletic association ( i can't remember the exact abbreviation, even though I read it in my training book OVER and OVER) this is the correct form of training .  He always focus's on correct form and alignment and really believes in pushing yourself. I like it a lot. So..hopefully I'll keep up with that...and this...and bring you along on my little journey!

Stay Posted, Stay healthy!

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  1. I've considered doing P90X multiple times, but only have about half the disks (some of mine got lost). Let me know what you think! I may try and do that this Spring. Btw...I despise pushups as well...I'm just horrible at them.