Sunday, June 26, 2011

P90X- Day 2- Plyometrics "You can do anything for 30 seconds!"

O-M-G Plyometrics= Jump Training, constantly jumping/fast pace movement.

I know I just posted this morning, but I figured if I post as soon as I get done with my workout, I'd have a better track record with actually Posting (ugh my laptop mouse just went all the way back to the beginning and I started typing by Omg, anyone else's laptop mouse that touch sensitive??!) ANYWAY,

Plyometrics included a lot of SQUATS and jumping. My knees have been acting up HEAVILY since we moved out here, I don't know if it's the weather or the fact I'm not working out as much.. who knows... so..I was a little learly of starting this workout (plus there was a real good movie coming on the Oxygen channel BUT I told myself I AM GOING TO GET THROUGH THIS!)  It's definitely a cardio/calorie burner with lots of muscle toning for the legs and glutes

One of the problems I face is that I live on the 3rd floor apt. I'm not so sure my neighbors want to have their ceiling bouncing around.. so.. In a lot of the exercises I didn't focus so much on my height, but more so my squat...and then I would modify the jump to a foot switch up.. still concentrating on getting low into my squat.

The trainer (can't remember his name) mentions that plyometrics is great for those that need to focus on their lung capacity, those that need to work on their breathing as well getting you're heart tuned up. I really like he hits all the responsibilities that we are to be held accountable as trainers

  1. He says what we're going to do
  2. He says WHY we're going to do it (bad habit of teachers.."because I said so... because I need to waste time..because It builds character..bla bla bla" lol)
  3. He said WHY it was APPLICABLE to our daily lives
  4. He demonstrates the exercises 
  5. He has his other demonstrators show progressions (ways to make it harder) and modifications (way to back off in case of injuries or just new to the process)
  6. He encourages us and motivates
So many times I just want to hit pause but he keeps saying "you can do anything for 30 seconds" lol I try not to think..omg I have 20 minutes of this left?!! hahah

It's a good program...I'm sweaty and I feel like I got my butt kicked..haha So..STILL liking the program, still going strong...(I want that frozen yogurt..hehehe *see rewards*)

One of the things that KILLED me.. is called HOT FEET. You basically hop on one foot, for 30 seconds, and make the figure of a cross *up, back, side, side* think oh that isn't bad, but after the first 10 seconds you're calves are screaming. Then you do it again, on the other foot! think YAY RELIEF..then that foot starts burning...LOL...gotta love the burn.. when it burns you know you're doing something right!

I'm following a calendar that came with the P90X kit. It really helps not to do the same thing 2 days in a row (plus it's not recommended. Part of a HEALTHY weightlifting/work out regiment is ACTUALLY resting, * who would have thought?!) training different parts of the body help what is called "muscle confusion". It helps your body SURPASS the plateau effect, by constantly mixing up what muscles you train, and HOW you train. It always keeps your body guessing, as opposed to just walking up to the same machine every day and doing the exact same move. It's just like our brains (um..your brain is a muscle too!! :) ..if we sat on our butts in a factory doing the same thing every day our brain (and us) would slowly lose focus and start working on the littlest amount of energy needed. With this you are no longer alert and focus. Keeping your body guessing makes it stronger and builds more effectively!

I'm not the strongest person I know (there are a LOT of ladies that I know in LA that kick Arse :))  but I survived and I kept up really well. So..*pat on back* if I can do can do it.

Thanks for reading, Stay Posted, STAY HEALTHY

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