Thursday, June 16, 2011

Can I have another? I think so ! :)

After talking to my husband, We've decided we REALLY miss running and we're quickly getting out of shape!  We no longer have access to a fitness room and don't really want to shell out money for a fitness gym. Things are settling down from the move and we're itching to get back to our fitness regiment. After some looking around we found there is a run, in the city of Volcano (about 45 minutes from us) to help an Arts Center (how can I say no to that!) There is a 5K, a 10K, and a Half. I've thought about it and ..I REALLY, REALLY want to run the half. I was slightly disappointed in myself that I didn't participate in the marathon back in LA..but I had to be realistic. There is NO WAY I physically ready to run a marathon.

There are three factors that we DEFINITELY be a challenge..1... NO electronics are allowed = NO IPODS :( This is going to be VERY hard for me. The only way I get motivated is through my music. If i don't have it, I start thinking and get tired much faster mentally. 2. THE DIFFICULTY of the race. First of all, we are much higher in elevation than we were in LA = mucho fun for breathing . ALSO even though I had 4 killer hills in my 5K they were over quickly .The land here is very, very hilly. Just on our stretch of the road you have 4-5 inclines in less than a mile. 3. It's 13.1 miles. My legs always want to stop on mile 1!! lol.

OK now..since I've listed all the reasons why I should fail..and got that out of my system.....Part of me believes I can do it. Honestly, I'm not going for some record time. I just want to finish. Josh will be running it with me as well. Obviously he will pass me (he has a 8-9 minute mile while i'm at 9-10) but hopefully he'll stay at the finish line after finishing and come out and meet me as I finish :))) It's so funny, even though I'm the personal fitness trainer, he motivates me!...running is NOT my strongest suit. I'd rather do a ( do they even have those??) than run...but..when we run he's the one pushing me, I'm striving to keep up with him. 

Completing and finishing something that is NOT your strongest, makes the journey..the pain...worth it.

SO..I'm officially in training. The race is in August. I want to run 2-3  times a week this month..and then continually work on my distance.. I need to get past the 5K LOL when 3.0 comes up on my Nike+ watch my brain is like YOU"RE ALMOST not quite this time :)


That's the posted STAY HEALTHY!

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  1. Hey girl you can totally do this. The elevation will make it different for sure. I did a hike at Haleakala ( volcano in Maui ) and I was huffing and puffing way more than normal, but the good news is you are aware of this and can train for that part too! The run keeper app keeps up with elevation FYI. Anyhow about the music.... that is crazy!! What is their reasoning for no iPods!? But at least you have beautiful scenery to entertain you right!?!