Sunday, June 26, 2011

P90X-Day 3 Ab Ripper X + 10K

Ok, so the 10K Isn't part of P90X so..don't get I'm training for a half marathon and realized I haven't ran this week, so...why not.

I HATE running...well not hate, but isn't one of my favorite activities to do...I have horrible knees and I get bored easily :) but, running IS something my husband is VERY good at and I wanted to prove to myself that my body is STRONG enough to I tell everyone, When I first started, on a treadmill, my goal was to run the entire length of a song on my ipod and then walk the'm here :). I'm not a marathon runner..I'm not a track star..but when I'm doing my odd little jog down the road...I take a minute and say're runner :)

For P90x, today was supposed to be Shoulder/Arms and Ab ripper. I knew I couldn't run and do the other two but tomorrow is yoga. I figured I could do even half of the shoulder/ arms and full yoga, work my way up to a double day :)

SO Ab ripper. It's killer. You're not just sitting there doing's an entire CORE (middle of the body) workout. There are 25 reps for every exercise...= a total of 335 crunches in 15 minutes...I took a few breathing breaks here and there (i'm still a little winded from the run) but I kept he says "do your best, forget the rest" :)

I've done A LOT of versions of crunches through out my winter guard years..but some of these I've never seen! If you do them full out you will DEFINITELY get a killer stomach, thighs, and strong back..(which I PLAN on doing :) )

I feel good. (sweaty BUT good) and I'm proud of what I accomplished tonight...I just hope it won't bite me in the butt tomorrow. Josh has 2 nights off so I may have a P90X workout buddy tomorrow!!! Got to love motivation when it comes to working with friends

If you want to pick up a healthy habit for the summer...look at what you're drinking. Are you drinking something with sugar in it for every meal?? ..Please.. don't drink your health away. People don't realize HOW MANY calories are in their bottle of coke, or the big guzzle from the gas station down the street. It kills me when I think.."it takes me almost an hour to work off only HALF a bottle of coke?"...SO.. be more aware of what you're drinking. A little something sweet once a day..(juice, 1/2 cup of glass of coke, or tea) isn't horrible..but if you can...drink water! I picked out a really cute, pink (surprise, surprise) water bottle that is 24oz big . I keep it by my computer, by the tv, at the pool/beach, in my backpack whenever we go anywhere for the day. Just, conveniently in my reach. Some days it surprises me how much I just sit there and drink it. It fills me (keeps me from reaching for a snack every 10-15 minutes) and when I have it with me outside, I can stay out longer in the heat. Now, Powerade/recovery drinks are great for after a workout to feed your body those enzymes/lost nutrients.. but.. watch out. Some say 80 calories..but..that's per serving. Some bottles have 2.5 servings = 200 calories in 1 bottle!! this to say, if you want to take a step forward this summer, really pay attention to what you're sugar intake is, too much sugar can REALLY affect your heart and lead to various heart diseases, as well as obesity and diabetes.

ANYWAY, thanks for always


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