Thursday, June 30, 2011

P90X- Day (4) Yoga X+ TOTD= AVOCADOS!

So...I put the 4 in parentheses because I actually skipped a day or two of doing P90X ( I think 2?) 1. The day after I completed my 10K, my knees were KILLING me. I don't know. Ever since we moved out here...they hurt as soon as I wake up. Some nights they're so achy I have to take some Ibuprofen to get them to stop, regardless if I worked out that day or not. 2. Yesterday Josh and I wanted to go visit the Green Sand Beach. It's a 6 mile hike to go see it and come back. When we got legs were a little exhausted lol so...again I wimped out .

No more wimping out. It's crazy..I was doing good...but.. I really want to do this program right...So..hopefully I will!

SO YOGA, wow. Everyone that has taught me (dance/winter guard wise) knows I have THE WORST flexibility = why yoga kills me!..but I know IF I keep up with..I may fix it. *crosses fingers* it's , I think, one of the longest video's of the P90X Program.

When I started the video and saw it was a hour and 30 minutes I was like YIKES!!!...The first 45 minutes is straight Vinyasa Flow. MEANING...You're doing one thing..then go to downward dog....warrior one...down to plank, chatteronga down( which is slowed down pushup..but you're going down.spelling?) to up dog/ Low cobra, pushup up to downward dog AND REPEAT adding on each time either warriors or twists...I almost stopped a few times. One..I can't remember the exact name...Warrior 3? You had one leg, straight, on the ground, the opposite up (in an arabesque  / 90 angle) one hand on the ground and one up in a CRAZY BUT I only stopped to take a couple water breaks and go RIGHT back into it :) 

The 2nd  portion was to focus mainly on balance. It included tree pose, half moon, full moon... etc etc, that wasn't horrible..just.I could feel all my tense muscles.I tried to focus on relaxing my face, jaw and shoulders. For some reason those are ALL my trouble spots.

The last 25 minutes included real stretching. This is ONE area I REALLY need to work on . My hamstrings and hip flexors are extremely tight. With my legs both out in front of me I can only grab my shins. I really want to work on this and focus on being able wrap my hands around my feet in that stretch, all in good time  :)

SOO I give Yoga X two thumbs up. Obviously NOT my favorite but, I know it's the medicine my body needs to be as physically fit as possible.

Tip of the day? : Something I fell IN LOVE with out in LA = AVOCADO!! I'm not a huge sauce person when it comes to my sandwiches. I don't like stuff falling into my hands when I'm eating.. *put down sandwich, wipe my hands, pick up sandwich , take a bite, put it down, wipe my hands* DRIVES ME NUTS. So usually I only use 1 condiment (ketchup on hamburgers or Mayonnaise on chicken)  BUT I've recently found how amazing avocado can be on a grilled/baked piece of chicken.. At a glance of the nutrition count you may say "but the avocado is HIGH in calories and fat (an average sized avocado contains 30 grams of fat and). BUT with new/recent studies scientist have discovered the fat is monounsaturated fat= GOOD fat, that lower total cholesterol :) (hooray!) PLUS it adds more fiber and potassium into your diet.   Here is a match up of  their nutrient levels thanks of

2 tbsp mayo1/4 avocado
Total Fat9.8 g7.4
Saturated Fat1.4 g1.1
Cholesterol8 mg0 mg
Sodium209 mg4 mg
Carbs7 g4.3 g
Fiber0 g3.4 g
Sugar1.9 g.3 g
Protein.3 g1 g
Calcium4.1 g6 mg
Potassium2.6 g243.7 mg

Also, From WebMD: "A recommended serving size is 2 tablespoons, or roughly one-sixth of a medium-sized avocado. Each serving provides 5 grams of fat and 55 calories. Still, compared with butter or mayonnaise -- which each pack 22 fat grams and 200 calories in a 2-tablespoon serving -- they don't seem so bad"

YIKES 200 calories !!! That's almost your entire sandwich!!! SO.. Avocado GOOD, Mayo? EECH.. ALSO.. My favorite? Add a bit of salsa with your avocado. Most salsas have about 15-30 calories in 1 tablespoon, in my opinion is more than enough. It's a great substitute for ketchup and you get AMAZING flavor with a little kick.. ANYWAY.. That's TOTD

As, Always, Thanks for reading, Stay Posted, STAY HEALTHY!!!

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