Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Princess in Training! 43 Days Away

While I was at my fitness gym I overheard 3-4 ladies talking about the WDW (Walt Disney World) Marathon. I sorta knew about it and vowed that I was going to run it next year. Well, I figured I might as well do a little research when I got home. I was looking around online and saw that there was a Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon coming up in February. The part of me that's still a little 8 year almost jumped out of my chair. I GREW UP on Disney movies (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, the witch scared  me to death btw, and most recently The Princess in the Frog, I think I've watched it about 10 times at least.)

SO, after I calmed down a little I started looking at the date, did the math, and realized I only had 8 Weeks! UGh.. could this possibly even be done? I'm still a beginner when it comes to running. Even though I did complete a 5K in LA even training for that took quite a lot. I remember the first night on the treadmill my goal was just to jog ( I think at like a 3.2) through one song on my Ipod. My husband was beside me already running at a 6.something for an hour. But, he's been running since high school. :P .

After talking it over with my husband, I submitted my registration (and my Visa Card :P) and signed up for the race!. I"m so excited! I youtubed the race and it has some great footage of people running . It looks like there are Disney characters placed through out the course and you can take pictures with them! The course starts out at Epot, you race around Cinderellas castle and then back to Epcot. One thing I know i'm bringing is my digital camera. I haven't been to DW in years (and can't afford to actually visit the park for a few years LOL so this will be my one chance to just soak it up and enjoy the scenery)

My goal? TO FINISH. I'm not planning on running the whole thing or beating any record. Coming from have a history of bad knees, no motivation to do anything, and the kid that just sat on the couch growing up (before HS) I want to prove that I can do this.

I'm a little nervous but something deep down is telling me I can do this. I found a training chart online for a Beginners 8 Week training system. SO, I plan to keep following it . :)

They even allow you to wear princess costumes. I've looked around on Youtube and found some easy (non-sewing) ways to make a tutu. I just need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby. Im wearing blue shoes (my reliable/AMAZING Asics) navy blue running shorts, and a blue running top and I'm going to wear a tiara and a light blue/white tutu (Hello Cinderella!) SO EXCITED

Hopefully I can post weekly updates on my training as well as post race pictures and results.

Thanks for reading!

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