Monday, January 23, 2012

Disney Princess Half Marathon- Week 2, 31 Days 14 hours LEFT

Week 2 Wrap up,

I started the week running down a major road in front of our apt complex. It was kind of scary with all the cars. I got honked at 3 times lol. I don't think this community is used to seeing people running (the average age is around 60) ANYWAY

Date      Distance      Average Pace           Total Time
1/16       4.01            10:55                         43.50

I did walk some in between but tried to keep my time around 14:30 due to the 16 minute cut they do at Disney (they will pull you out of the race at anytime if you are found doing longer than 15 mpm, including time you are taking a break or visiting characters on the race path EEE!)

I gave myself Tuesday to rest (my knee is still acting up, BUT I did buy a new brace and I LOVE IT, I'm going to get one for my other knee as well)

Wed was interesting. I ended up going to my local gym and did two fitness classes. I realized strength training is very important to my running and needed to do more of it. I did a weight lifting circuit class and for fun I did a Zumba class. In the Zumba class we did a 4 minute song to squats, I knew I would be in trouble the next day and I was right! LOL. I could barely get out of bed Thursday but, we were visiting my sister in Jacksonville, SO I popped some Tylanol and just dealt with it. We ended up going on a mountain biking ride through an amazing park . The trail was awesome, it had dips, turns, tree roots all over the trail, not your average stroll through the park LOL.

Friday we went to the beach. My legs were a little looser so, I tried to run a little by chasing birds. Wasn't too much but I wanted to get a feel what it would be like to run with my legs all tense In case by Mile 10 at the race I have that situation.

Saturday I felt good, so I decided to run around a path at the park. Again, I got  a lot of crazy looks, The park has "Senior Body Movement Stations" placed on the paths. A lot of them you can pull your wheelchair right up to them and spin some type of wheels with your legs or feet, it's kind of cool. I had to make a lot of circles as well as run around the neighborhood twice to get my miles in. I knew I wanted to do the same distance as Monday, but I wasn't expecting to do much better because I hadn't ran much this week. For some reason, it seemed MUCH harder to do. My legs were fine, it was my lungs and my side that were killing me. Obviously I need to train more during the week, just was a little surprised at how things were feeling, Anyway,

Date      Distance         Average Pace              Total Time
1/21       4 miles              10:51                         43:29

Yes I didn't go the .1 like Monday BUT my time DID improve, even through it's 4 seconds, it was an improvement.
I was happy with it. Before and after I ran the 5K in LA, my brain was so fixed on the 5K it's like I couldn't run farther than 3.1 miles without a fight. I'm trying to surpass that mental block by trying to focus on  my stride and my music. My music is a huge motivator, I'll post my playlist in another post BUT I am looking for new songs (I only have about an hour and 1/2 time and I need about 3 hours) SO any power songs would be great! I'm also incorporating fast Disney songs to run to on the race for fun :)

Every week I'm trying to run a mile farther in my long distance runs. SO this week will definitely be a challenge to complete 5. I think the farthest I've ever gone is 6.2, right before the race in LA. SO....I can do 5 and I WILL DO 5 MILES this week, it may not be pretty but I'm going to do it.

ANYWAY, Back to the training! Thanks for reading!

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