Sunday, January 15, 2012

Disney Princess Half Marathon - Week 1, 39 days left

Well, This week was horrible.

I set out to follow an actual schedule. Right off the bat my knees were giving me problems. I already knew it was going to happen so I always warm up my body, stretch, then start on my run, then stretch afterwards THEN ice down my knees for about 20-30 minutes.

I just get frustrated because I don't have a lot of time on my hands to allow rest days. I ended up taking 2 instead of 1. On the days that I was supposed to run ..I ran until I felt the first start of pain then walked a little then threw in the towel. My biggest fear is I'll injure myself really bad the week before the race and I'll be in the pain the entire day.

I'm investing in another knee brace tomorrow (one day it's my right knee that hurts then the next week it's the left) SO looks like i'll have 2 knee braces. I'm also going to invest in Icy hot. Hopefully it'll help with the inflammation .

On a less whiner (is that even a word?) note, I did start on my tutu! I'm really excited, I was looking around for a tiara BUT I saw on someone's blog (that ran the race last year) she got Minnie mouse ears with a tiara on it from the Expo...SO i may just invest a little on that...we'll see ;)

There are a lot of stops on the way where you can take pictures with the characters and of the scenery. I'm really wanting to ENJOY my time and not just keep my head down to the pavement and run. BUT i'm a little worried about my time. Disney is VERY amendment about pulling runners from the race if run slower than a 16 minute mile pace (I'm guessing because the park IS open that day and they want to get you out before it opens).  SO my mini goal is to train for a 9:45-10 minute mile ( I actually, really just want to finish), that way with my adrenaline pumping I'll even be a tad faster AND  I can take pictures, stop for 2-3 seconds, grab a snack/drink and get back to running and not get pulled...PHEW I swear I'm not trying to be in a "my life sucks" fest....Just.. venting I guess. My head is in the right place but my body isn't.

SO ANYWAYS. POSITIVE THOUGHTS for this week coming up! Crossing my fingers that I can break the 5K knee curse and maybe get to 4 (in one setting) this week!

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