Friday, January 27, 2012

Disney Princess Half Marathon-Week 3 (2 days early) 26 Days and 23 hours TO GO +

 (I found this pic on Daily Mile, will explain more later)

Week 3 Wrap up 22-28th

Ok, SO I'm pretty sure everyone is TIRED of hearing me whining about my knees so, NOT going to mention it in my blog.. other than, Knee trouble.. LOL

So the last time I posted was on January 23 and I said I WILL DO 5 MILES THIS WEEK.. and.. I DID!!!! I was so excited (which is why I'm posting 2 days early!)

Thanks to a an awesome friend, I was introduced to Ok SO you may be thinking OMG another site to update EVERYTHING to.. But before you turn away hear me out. This is like a running data site PLUS facebook. so.. the website is

   What's neat about it , is you create a profile and you can classify yourself as a runner, athlete, cyclist etc. I pinned it to my tool bar and I love that the tool bar (link I click on to go to my site) says "Lori Shape is an athlete" it makes me think "maybe I am" lol. ANYWAY, it shows you many, many other people training in your area. My friend was SO sweet! She told everyone that I needed motivation and to add me. It turns out there are some people in LA that are running the marathon that I was able to give them advice to about parking etc etc. SMALL WORLD. ALSO LOVE, LOVE,LOVE that it syncs to my facebook...AND NIKE PLUS! I use NP on my Iphone (which has my itunes playlist) so it's like I'm double multi-tasking. I can just finish a run with Nike then go to the computer, sync the run on daily miles, import it and BOOM it's there. My friends can see it and it keeps a track of my week to week workouts whether it's running/biking/or exercise. 

SO Monday Jan 21. I planned on doing Interval training. Interval training. Started at 6.3minute per mile for 30 seconds, rest for 20, X 3, 6.6 x 3, The did 7.3. run 30 sec, rest 30 secs, 7.6, Then 8.1 for 45 secs, rest 30, Knee started giving out so I slowed down and then just walked. I was frustrated again. So, heated/iced knees.

22th, Used some AMAZING resistance bands, I got for Christmas,  along with Turbo Fire and tried to rest my knees and do lots of upper body workout. Arms are looking AMAZING!!! Pics to come later.

23th Tried to run again, made it to 1.82 miles but my knees just gave up (mostly left knee causing problems.. BLAH)

24th Another upper body workout thanks to turbo fire..and abs  I WANT A SIX PACK!

25th Josh was off work, and it was a beautiful day, SO we decided to do this new trail I found online. We hitched our bikes up to the car and drove to the Upper Tampa Bay Trail, about 15 minutes away. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!

I will def make a blog about it later
We ended up riding for 2 hours and went 15.72 miles. It was a beautiful afternoon!

Jan 26, we went to Sanibel island. All I kept thinking about was " I need to run, I need to run" I'm becoming addicted. SO while Josh was taking pictures I ended up running up and down the beach, barefooted next to the water. It felt good but the sand WAS TOUGH. I was like MAN i'm running as fast as I could and my pace was like 11 miles per minute.  I ended up going 1.34 miles. It ended up sloping really bad, hurting my ankles, so I turned around and came back.

Jan 27th TODAY... I did a 45 Ab/Plank exercise I actually found on Pinterest I WANT A SIX PACK..LOL

Then after doing small stuff around the apt I'm like "ok, you NEED TO RUN, The race is getting closer!" SO, I went down to the treadmill and decided I'm not going to push, today is just distance. I turned on the TV and found 2 episodes of friends and just walked at a fast pace and an incline of at least .5-2.0. When a commercial came on I ran at a 5.2-5.5, not pushing just logging distance. I felt good so, I kept on going. Today, I didn't wear my brace, I decided I would try without it and It did better than normal. I don't know if the brace is adding pressure and it's causing the pain? Not sure, gonna keep it off for now. Knee never was in extreme pain just..sore just tried to tune into it...But I"M SO EXCITED I did 5MILES! farthest I've gone in a while. ...

Goal for week 4? 3 upper body wkouts, 3 core/ab workouts, 2 interval training sessions, and 1 6 mile run/walk... WAHOO! Keep me accountable!

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