Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our trip from Lexington - Florida

WELL! We made it to our home. Everything is unpacked and set up (including internet YAY) is our trip from KY-FL

 Passing the state line!
 Georgia State Line

 Downtown Atlanta
 Really pretty sunset

We stopped in Jacksonville overnight to visit with my sister. The next morning we headed out to Wesley, Chapel

 The agency supplies the furniture. We always go in first, without all of our stuff, to check it out.

Telling my mom (?) about our walk in closet, I was SO excited!!! You can't tell but it goes all the way behind the dresser. I could fit a twin blow up air mattress in here and still have room to walk around!
 ONE OF MY FAVORITE PARTS OF THE APT (you try carrying your laundry down 4 floors, pay to wash your clothes THEN go downstairs every hour, for 2-4 hours (if you have 2 loads, at least) to switch out loads. It's a 1/2 a day process.
 Our tub is HUGE (both apts we've had before had no tub!)
We were very blessed to have a safe trip from our start in Hawaii to this apt in Florida. We really like it so far and hope we continue to like it as time goes on. :)

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