Sunday, July 10, 2011

Subway Avacado = 2 thumbs down!

On my lunch break from work I had planned on going to Subway to try their NEW Avocado sandwich. I really like Subway and have always had a good experience there. Let me preface this with saying, this could have been just this sure exactly if it's chain wide, lets hope not.

I arrived so excited, i LOVE avocado. It's SO hard to find it as an option out here (almost everything here is smothered in Gravy, white rice, or mayo) SO.. As they were making my sandwich I asked if they could substitute TURKEY Bacon instead of regular bacon..they were like..Yes, turkey, bacon, and avocado..I was like YES but do you have TURKEY bacon..and then want just turkey and bacon? A lady in line was like NO..she wants to know if you have a different TYPE of bacon..instead of the regular.. sadly they did not and I opted out of the bacon.(I'm a little shocked, as much as they promote healthy sandwiches, ...regular bacon is SO bad for you) ANYWAY they made my sandwich.  I sat down and started biting into it. was...not very good. It tasted like the avocado was tainted..possibly even expired. I don't know..All I do know is that I was so excited to try this new sandwich and had my taste buds ready to expect something wonderful and I got awful. I finally just took my turkey and veggies and ate out of the bread.

It made me So sad...ALSO! They had an advertisement for Garden salsa sun chips. I looked around and they didn't even have what they were advertising. Turns out they don't even carry it. It's funny, it's like those clothing stores that have pictures of girls displaying clothes but they don't even sell those clothes in the store, THEN WHY ADVERTISE IT?! LOL

ANYWAY, My oatmeal raisin cookie (that chocolate chip cookie was staring me down but i said NO!)  and my fountain water were delicious. LOLSo, feel free to try it. Like I said I'm not sure if it was our branch..or something was wrong with the Avocado..but don't say I didn't warn you. I guess I'm just spoiled by the Veggie Grill On Sunset I guess you can say I'm a Avocado snob now..HAHA!

Anyway, Thanks for reading!
Stay Posted, STAY HEALTHY!

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