Friday, July 8, 2011

P90X- Day 7 Chest/Back + Ab Ripper X + NEW HEALTHY PRODUCT!

SO! Finally, I got back on the band wagon and started up again (read previous post) This one is ranked right up there with Plyometrics. It's a killer! I've always been so bad with pushups and 7 out of the 12 exercises (14 actually because you do them twice) are pushups. My elbows were a lot better this time ( usually they pop) even though I slacked off for 3-4 days I actually kept up/passed my previous week's goals on certain exercises. The second time through some of the exercises I tried to do 2-5 on my toes and the rest on my knees. The decline push up is the worst. For this exercise you put both feet up in a chair and you do a regular push up...KILLS ME. Also with the pull ups, again, I do not have a pull up bar, nor a door frame to put it up in SO.. I rely on my bands. I really tried this time to slow my reps and focus more on Scapular flexion (making my shoulder blades go in towards each other), the same with the back flys.

This is my paper, from P90X where I keep up with what I did and how i'm doing. For this video he does the circuit twice, so Top is 1st time, 2nd get the drift. For my push ups, I really focused on how close I could get my  nose to the ground, while I was on my knees. Hopefully next week I can start on my toes, my reps will be lower but I want to stop doing girly push ups. ALSO with the lawn mowers (you stand with your left foot on the band, sideways, put your left arm on your knee, and pull like you're starting an old school lawn mower with your right hand. ) I used a shorter band, making the resistance stronger..

My Calendar called for Ab Ripper as well. I kept on telling myself.. do it it tomorrow.. but.. I knew If i put it off I wouldn't do it at all. SO..what's 15 more minutes? The pics above are my calendar as well as my Ab ripper excel sheet I made. If you do every rep it's a total of 335 reps in a total of about 12 minutes with no breaks. I did better than last time, even though it had been 2-3 days since I've done it. I was happy...It's always great to notice a stronger difference.

So anyway, I finished it! I always feel such a sense of purpose lol when I can complete these things. When I see "COOL DOWN" on the dvd I always say

I don't really have a tip of the day. HOWEVER I did find a GREAT new product. It's called Fiber 1 80 Calories Cereal. It was on sale at our grocery and so i grabbed it. I've tried eating eggs for breakfast because its been said to rev up your metabolism when you eat lots of protein in the morning. But, I just can't get away from cereal. I love it, as well as pancakes. LOVE Pancakes, toast, or cereal for breakfast (not all at the same time lol) ANYWAY This cereal ONLY has 120 calories with 1/2 cup skim milk. Which is where most cereals start before the milk. It has 1 gram of total fat (0 sat or trans) 25 grams of Carbs which is a healthy serving. Only 140 mg of sodium (some frozen dinners have 400+mg eek!) and (the best part) 10 grams of FIBER! Fiber is So essential PLUS it helps keep you fuller longer. PLUS, remember waffle crips?! it tastes just like it!!! Some negative things about it : it can be pricey when it's not on sale (3.99 is a good price for cereal here :P :P :P)  and the first ingredient on the list is " Whole Grain Corn. Yes Whole Grain IS good ..but.. SO MUCH of our diet is already including corn as an ingredient. Just something I try not to overload on. ANYWAY it's one of MY favorite cereals and I hope you can try some out soon!

As Always, Stay Posted, STAY HEALTHY!
I'm thinking about having some type of giveaway to a reader next week. (I"m thinking maybe a magazine...or a small package of macadamia nuts from here in Hilo) Feel free to post a comment below on what you think sounds good!

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