Saturday, July 2, 2011

P90X- Day 6 Kenpo X

Kenpo X is a lot like karate. LOL I couldn't but help smile during some of the sections thinking "wax on...wax off.." oh Mr. Miagie..:)

Kenpo is not one of the hardest work has made me sweat the most so far..I'm pretty nasty right I'm sure you wanted to know that.

With the arm movements you are working on strengthening your muscles as well as your glutes and legs with the kicks..but I would more so chalk this workout to more of a cardio workout. It's good! It's one of my favorites. The real butt kicker is during every break you do about 15 jumping jacks and 10 V jumps.. Legs and arms jump/up at the same time instead of double bouncing. Just trying to breath and then go right into that.

I'm really looking forward to tomorrows workout STRETCH!!! Something my body needs very badly.

Sorry for the short post but not really much to say, other than fun but sweaty workout!

TOTD-hmmm.... I did recently read a post, thanks to Yahoo random headline post. It was a research on what is really causing Obesity in America. Basically the researchers in that article chalked it up to the more availability we have to food. How many commercials have food? What's the last thing you ALWAYS see before you check out at most stores? Candy, food, chips, soft drinks, and fast food. Not the best. Also, the amount of time each generation spends in front of the tv vs playing outside increases every year.   I mean even my generation (I think we're called the Y generation) compared to my parents (i think they're they are the baby boomers) They didn't have game consoles to play on..I don't even know if they had more than 1 tv (if even 1 growing up) Now how many of us have at LEAST 1 electronic device at our home...MANY.. So..just..common sense.Tip tho? Really pay attention how much time you spend in front of the screen.

So, thanks for reading
Stay posted Stay healthy!

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