Monday, March 14, 2011


Motivation is truly amazing. You never know where, who, and what it's going to come from

So, I'm running in Los Angeles's 5K this Saturday and haven't done a single complete jog of a 5K in a week, mostly just interval training.

Today I walked down to the exercise room and a girl was on the left treadmill. We've passed each other in this exercise room before. I said hi, asked her how her day was. She was about 4 miles into her run and had a very speedy pace. I asked her if she was just running for fun, a goal, or training? She said a goal, she always tries to sets a goal, today she came down thinking 5, but feeling 7. I told her that was awesome and shared that I was running in the 5K asked her if she was as well? She wasn't. I didn't want to interrupt her breathing pattern/focus, so I hopped on the other treadmill. I jogged for a minute, paused, did a few more stretches and then started my actual run.

The first mile ALWAYS kills me. I guess it's just my body adjusting to what I'm pushing it through. I've pre-stretched and then stretched after I get a little warmer, but they always seem to take a mile to wake up. For some reason I felt like she was holding me accountable ...she was there for me. So, I picked up my speed. I usually jog around a speed of 4.3 -4.7. Today I bumped it up to 5 with no walking in between. I just felt her positive energy and I just kept going.....and going...I saw that I had 1 more mile left until completing 3.1 miles and was at the 31 minute mark, I really wanted to get under 40 minutes.. so I PUNCHED IT up to 7.7..I kept on telling myself I can do it...I can do it....and sadly, I made it at 41 minutes..but..I've never ran at a 7.7 on a treadmill before!! I was excited just at that! I honestly don't know if I would have accomplished that today without her positive energy and motivation to make herself better. It passed on to me and gave me the push that I needed. :) I love it

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