Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mantra, What?

Manta, I've heard the word before, but never really understood it.

According to Wikipedia, Manta, (Mon-tra) Is a sound, syllable, word, or group of words that are capable of "creating transformation".

In Sanskrit, the root Man-means "to think" and the suffix Tra, designating tools, or instrument, so.. to literally translate the word could see it. as "instrument of thought"

Honestly, a lot of yoga classes never really "touched" me.. I was in it for the flexibility gain. The beginning of the classes... imagery's and meditations always seemed a little far out for me. Yet, until now.

I regularly attend a certain Yoga class that seemed like it was made for people like me. I always arrive to the studio anxious, nervous... 1st I need to leave my apt early to beat the traffic, 2nd, Parking is always hard to come, 3. I want a good spot in the studio. AFTER I've achieved all this I sit and try to calm myself down. The first time we began class, the atmosphere was very loose and calm. We began warming up the spine and some images were made, I began wondering .."is this for real?" with my eyes closed I reminded myself I need to be there, in the moment and open to new experiences.  The words spoken were guiding me to get rid of everything that was on my mind before I stepped foot into the room, anything that was "toxic" in my body, on my shoulders, and on my muscles, just get rid of it. A few moments we were told so set an intention... our mantra.. "why are you here...what do you want to get out of this? " That honestly just blew me away. Something As simple as that, why haven't I ever thought of it before? Why am I here? Why did I come? ..something to do...? something for fun? My instructor then explained it can be a phrase, a word, or an image, something that will motivate myself. ...and what is it you ask? " I am happy, fit, and passionate"

If I am happy, then I am whole, If I am fit, I am happy, If I am passionate about myself, I will be fit, and happy. It's a full circle of gratitude towards myself. Self confidence.

As women we are SO bad about picking apart EVERY SINGLE LITTLE DETAIL. We STRAIN to be so perfect or the image we hold in our head that displays perfection (whether it be money, love, blonde /red hair, nice abs, arms, butt, etc etc ). I honestly hate that word. It's so hard not to look around the room of women, in my class, and be like "oh i wish i had her arms, oh her abs are amazing, or I wish I had her hair!"  WHY do we do that? Why as women do we pick and pick and pick for perfection?

In my opinion, you can NEVER be perfect. You're always learning, always trying. BUT you CAN be happy, you CAN be who YOU are.

As someone who struggled, and to this day still struggles, to be happy with myself ( as well as having others being happy with me)I'm not perfect at being UN-perfect lol. I will pass by another women and wish I had her purse, or her hair, or her legs. It's hard NOT to when we are bombarded at least once a day with what is perfection. Why not individuality be perfect? 

  Saying these 3 words always inspires me to forget the mirror, forget the tv, forget it all and just be me! Be the one my family loves, BE the women that my husband fell in love with, BE the women I was MADE by my creator in HIS IMAGE.

This class has really changed SO much for me. At the end of my first class I was almost brought to tears. I was at a low point, just trying to figure out who I was and what my purpose was. This class and the teachers ALWAYS inspires me and I don't know what I would do without it :)

I am, Happy, Fit, and Passionate, and no one can take that away from me.

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  1. I can so relate to this post! It's so true that we always strive to be that "perfect" everything and what we need to realize is we already are.