Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Active Choice 5K- Boone, North Carolina

This race was a combination of running on the local Greenway and part trail running. I didn't realize until we were running, the reason why we didn't continue on the Greenway was due to another race happening just north of us. I was running and saw this mass amount of people and was instantly confused! I knew there weren't that many runners with our race but understood it was a different group with the difference in bibs.

This 5K was organized by the Health and Science club, as well as the Physical educators and Exercise science club at the local college. I thought the logo for the race was pretty neat!

It was SUPER cold at packet pickup this morning. The sun was out and it looked like a beautiful day but I think by the time we were running it was only 43 (COLD!). I was very glad I didn't wear shorts.

The course began on the Greenway but made it's way up a pretty steep and gravel trail after the first mile.

The 2nd hill kicked my butt! with the combination of the cold air in my lungs and the hill, breathing was very difficult for me. I was holding an amazing pace, first mile was 8:41 but quickly slowed once I hit the hills.4 people then passed me and I never regained my lead I had.

After mile 2 I knew there was going to be a decline and was anxiously anticipating it. Down the hill I picked up speed and was constantly gauging my speed and my feet placement on the gravel to avoid slipping.

Mile 3 was across a grassy part of a soccer field and then the home stretch. After crossing the chalked finish line It took quite a while to regain my breathing. My lungs were burning from the cold air  and I had really pushed myself faster than I usually do (the curse of the 5K I call them)..however after a bagel my were no longer on fire and I could regain normal breathing.

Surprisingly I was awarded the 2nd fastest time in the women's 21-30 age division. It was small race but I still wasn't expecting it.

I also won a Gift certificate to a local grocery store...wahoo!

Josh took off and I only saw him once other time during the race. He ended up being awarded 2nd place in the overall race

It was a successful 5K.

I like 5K's, it was the start of my whole running "career" but.. I also HATE THEM. I have SUCH a competitive outlook on smaller races and so I ended up pushing myself harder than I have trained and they end up more like sprints for me. These next few months of training will be more focused on speed and hills instead of just a flat distance training like last year. I have proven I can do long runs, now I just need to fine tune them so I can push myself more.


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