Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ramblin' Rose Ambassador

 So, I'm really excited to say that I am an ambassador for the amazing Ramblin' Rose Triathlon series based out of North and South Carolinas!

After running my first marathon in January, I vowed that my goal in 2013 was to do my first triathlon. After moving to North Carolina, I searched for different triathlons that were very simple yet would challenge me to train for it. Any race with a swimming event over 400 meters scared me. Yes, I've swam in the ocean quite a lot but not in a race style. After swimming laps in the local pool it was clear to me I needed something much, much smaller. This is when I found the Ramblin' Rose Race series. I LOVE that it really focuses on celebrating active and fit women. It's hard to believe that a women had to sneak on to the Boston Marathon, just shy of 50 years ago, to actually prove that women could be capable to run just like men. Now, there are races gauged specifically for women!

I'm not sure which race in the area I'm going to run, but I know it will happen this summer.

Here is a listing of the races

South Charlotte Tri
May 5, 2013

Raleigh Tri
May 19, 2013

Rock Hill Tri
July 14, 2013

Winston-Sale Tri
August 18, 2013

Charlotte Tri
September 22, 2013

Chapel Hill Tri
October 6, 2013

It's a VERY, VERY achievable event for even those who are beginners in the Triathlon event or are trying to achieve a personal record in each event

The actual events include :
Here is the link for the actual website and other sites that hold more information for each race day and other news and events:

Ramblin' Rose on Twitter

Ramblin' Rose on Pinterest (this has some really awesome inspirational and motivational running quotes, I would really suggest checking it out!)

Ramblin' Rose on Facebook

Ramblin' Rose Website

I plan on updating this website with photos as well as updates of the different races.

From this picture I found on the website, it looks like spots are filling up pretty fast!

Now, Keep in mind this is as 3/31/13, So, if you're interested you might want to sign up early to confirm a spot!

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