Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Color Run 5K- Nashville, TN

 This was my first Color run, well walk. It's not so much of a run. There is no timing/chip and it is more enjoyable if you walk and take your time through each station. The goal, get as messy as you can!

Some people asked us if this race was a gay pride/awareness thing.  I pulled this from the Color Run website it's self:


The Color Run™, also known as the Happiest 5k on the Planet, is a unique paint race that celebrates healthiness, happiness, individuality, and giving back to the community.
The packet pick up was in the Opry Mills Mall. I was pretty impressed with the ease of it. Waiting in line, getting the bag and shirt, took about 3-4 minutes. That evening wasn't as easy. The hotel we had rented a room from was about .9 miles away from the stadium. Being a part of other races,I have learned that the morning of the event is sometimes more stressful than the actual race. Well...with 4 of us planning to stay in a room, they only room they had available had a king. We had booked a double but, that's the joy of Priceline. The front desk worker wasn't too polite, so, we roughed it 1 couple in the bed, 1 on the floor in a sleeping bag, worked out just fine.

Packet Included:
  1. White color run shirt ( I liked mine so much I ended up wearing another white shirt the day of so my race shirt wouldn't get ruined)
  2. White color run headband
  3. 2  color run temp tattoos (I put one on my cheek)
  4. Bib
  5. Safety Pins
  6. Arm bracelett
  7. Color packet (to be opened at the end of the race)
Dress Attire- Everyone wears a white top, whether it be the color run shirt or just a plain white top. Everything I wore got color run on it (including an under tank top) SO just prepared to get color in places you don't expect....My feet still have color on them from inside my shoes!

The morning of we blasted Space Jam as our pre-race jam and got our white on. Within 10 minutes of walking to the stadium a lady, with a color run shirt on, offered us a ride. Gotta love good race karma. Upon following the herd of people , like sheep, we found the beginning of the race (but couldn't help pose by my favorite color)

The place was packed! My bib # started with 40,000 but I didn't think it was a real number ( it looked like a pretty standard bib they used/reuse at other color runs)..but.. After seeing the amount of people, I could believe it.

After meeting family in the back, we waited...and waited...and waited... Our wave of people didn't make it to the start line until an hour and fifteen minutes after the start of the race. There was an elevator and stairs , off to the side, that took you to part of the route that people were bailing out to take, but we wanted to full experience of the start.

The course was pretty awesome, It took you downtown Nashville. There people, not involved in the race, walking around and looked at us like we were crazy. Well I guess you could say we were!

 First comes yellow. I wasn't too covered by the time we passed through that station.

 I figured out by the orange station to just go down the side and turn your body so the people can spray both sides.. lol
Just being silly on the course

 AHH! Pink I was so excited. Some family members and I actually got on the ground and made color angels, it was awesome.
 Last came blue...

That's when we released our packets of color that was included in our packet pickup

They had a pretty awesome ....color/mosh pit after a lot of people left... but we joined in and had a great time!!!

Let's just say ...I got my color.....on..LOL.. 
It was awesome!...It's the perfect event for those that are runners and those that arn't runners. We ran at some parts, but walked most of the way. Most people did. They have a ton of events in the US . I WOULD HIGHLY SUGGEST finding one close to you and doing it with friends and family!

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