Sunday, October 9, 2011

Turbo Fire 2 weeks!-Sept 4

I did it!!!! I was so excited to finish 2 weeks. It's the longest I had ever stuck with a workout program, on my own!. I love turbo fire. There are some days I want to use my rest day (i don't actually take it unless I need it for soreness) But I know I feel better in the morning after I do my workout.

Ive realized I'm more successful if I reward myself  with someone I had been waiting on to purchase. I received a Clinque mailer and had been waiting for a week for something to come out, but I made myself wait another week so it could be used a my reward.
I purchased a Gift set that came with a 21.00 purchase. With coupons I ended up getting all of this for $16. :) I was excited and was very happy that I was able to splurge a little on myself for a job well done. Hooray!

As I stated before I don't own a scale...BUT here are the pics
After, I tried to put them side by side but it wouldn't let me. Anyhow, there isn't much of a difference but, it's only been 2 weeks.

So...Hopefully I'll keep going and things will keep improving!

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