Monday, April 18, 2011

Run 40 Miles in 4 weeks CHECK

So I could keep up with calories lost and miles ran, I purchased a Nike + watch. It's a watch that has a pop out USB drive that you connect to your computer. You can purchase the shoes to go along with it (um...too $$ when I found Asics at a discount store for $25) ANYWAY, So I keep the chip in wallet like compartment on my shoe laces and it's pretty accurate to a treadmill. Once I pop in the USB drive it automatically pulls up my Nike profile and all my runs, miles, calories, and even shows a little me running the path. On this site it has goals you can set for yourself. One of my goals was to run 40 miles in 4 Weeks, well.. I did it in 3! My husband works till about 8:30 pm so.. normally around 4-6 I go down to our exercise room, turn something on the tv, and run. On prettier days I run around Hollywood blvd while the sun is setting.

So I rewarded myself with a purchase of Woman's Health Magazine (Goals and rewards listed on left column). I love it. Every month it comes with a pull out section with exercises to work certain areas of your body. The articles are really beneficial and it also has nutrition in every edition as well. I'm sorry but I can't stand a lot of magazines that are mostly about sex and trying to sell me stuff that I can't afford or won't wear. This one, I like :) So...TA DA :)

One of my problem area(s) is my stomach. I really want to have some tight abs once it's officially bathing suit weather (about 3-4 more weeks) and so I've been doing tons of cardio and some ab exercises (not just your standard crunches) but stuff that really make me have to contract/flex my abdominals. I saw this magazine, read through it a little and saw some really awesome exercises and decided since I finished early I could do a little extra for myself. SO I got both.. I really like some of exercises and can already see a noticeable difference yay! :)

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