Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Personal Fitness Cert Test- CHECK

Well, NOT completely, I'm still waiting on my results. BUT, I did attend the workshop and finished the practical (which I passed!) and the 2 hour written test.

The workshop was pretty exhausting. In order to get the date that I wanted, I ended up driving to a test site an hour (up to 2 with traffic) away from my house = me waking up before the sun to get there on time.

Some tips for those taking the AFAA Workshops/Test
-Bring a sweatshirt,,, our test site was freezing and I spent most of the time in a hoodie

-Bring a new notebook to record everything, she will only go over what is expected knowledge of the test, it's good to have when you go home and study that way you make sure you study the correct material

-DO NOT wait to fill out the study guide at the workshop. You have a MUCH less stress level if you know the information and you're not having to flip pages and miss what they are saying.

-BRING SNACKS, it's going to be a long day (second day is 10 hours) you may not be close to a place with food (my site wasn't very close to food and I didn't bring a lunch so I had to use the entire lunch break to go and get food and bring it back) snacking is allowed during the workshop

The first day consisted of 4 chapters = 8 hours (including a dinner break) .

She went over the first basic chapters: Chapter 1, Wellness, Chapter 4 Health screening, ( I thought this should have been chapter 2 anyway it based off of the info from chapter one) Chapter 3 Anatomy and Kinesiology, and Chapter 5 Fitness assessments.  We actually performed the assessments on each other IN the order instructed. That really helped

The next day we went over 8 chapters... it was quite a long day. I got home around 6:30 and stayed up till Midnight studying. I wanted to make sure I knew everything I could.

The next morning she reviewed the muscles in about 45 minutes and prepped us for a practical.

30 minutes later we began testing. Part of our certification was the practical portion. At random drawing we were given a muscle and an ailment to deal with. I was given Abdominals and my client was a pregnant. So I had to introduce myself to my client (another test taker) explain what we would be doing, why we were doing it, what muscles we would be using, and how it would benefit them. I had to demonstrate it, being VERY specific about what moves, how to breath, and  posture.  After demonstrating it I had to give her what to look out for/safety (don't move body, don't move neck, bend your knees, etc etc etc) and then lead them through the exercise with careful spotting/correct misalignment) After we were done I had to show two stretches as well as an opposing muscle function with progressive steps.

I was SO nervous I even teared up a little, I was afraid I was going to just blank out and forget everything! But honestly, it was easier than I expected..lol

The written test wasn't so bad, I know there are 2-3 I just guessed at, I honestly didn't know the right answer. I narrowed it down to the 2 best answers and picked the one that sounded the best. I should know within a month what to expect, so, HOPEFULLY it'll work out for the best!

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