Thursday, January 15, 2015

2015- Revamping, Revitalizing, and Relocation

Running Redheads Revamp

Alright, I'm guilty . Yesterday I wrote 2014 on the date portion of an application..Whoops!!!
Can you believe it!
 I opened my blog for the first time (dusted off some cobwebs) and realized It has been since July since I posted! (Yikes)

So many things have happened and since things have slowed down (due to recent unemployment) I figured, maybe this would spur some motivation/new opportunities to get back into posting what I love about Fitness /running/health (for some crazy reason)

So..Aloha, E Komo Mai from the beautiful Island of Hawaii (The Big not it's not the one with Pearl Harbor...the volcano one? Yes!)
Once again, I'm back on the BEAUTIFUL island of Hawaii after 9 month contract in SoCal. It's been great to be back (3rd time's the charm) and I'm trying to relax and just soak it all in as much as I can until June.

2014 was LOADED with fun fitness firsts..5k Personal Record, Half Marathon PR, Marathon was pretty awesome, and to add on to that my first Half Ironman Triathlon ( hopefully a write up on that will follow).

It was pretty tough, emotionally (personal issues) but somewhere I once heard, " You spend your 20's figuring out who you are, and your 30's living it" ..well here's to hoping this last year as a 20something brings lot's of revelation and discovery.  I still find me asking myself "who do I want to be when I grow up", who knows? LOL..

Now that I have more time on my hands, I plan on using it in a productive manner, hopefully revamping back my Fitness Social Media endeavor. With so much information out there, I have quite a few friends asking me advice on how to work different muscles, trouble areas, best race routes, how to plan for certain races etc etc SO..the plan is to jump right back in and have multiple posts about favorite races, products, training info..etc.. More so a 101 guide on nutrition, health, and fitness for us that feel slightly overwhelmed with ALL of the information out there :)

I'm pretty excited about some of the plans I've already made for this site and can't wait to start!

I found this in a local bookstore yesterday and I had to laugh to myself :) ..pretty cute

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