Friday, January 24, 2014

2014-Update- Runs, races, and California,OH my!

Man oh Man, Can it really be 2014 already?!

It's been a while since I've posted! ( It looks like since October..eesh!) Well, I guess it's time for a new post!

It was a busy last half (and start to the new year) We were in the arctic zone of Wyoming (- 30 wind gusts and snow, NOT FUN for running/Biking) So... I spent a lot of hours on the treadmill in the gym . During that time I was "training " for the Marine Corps Marathon (there will be a post on that later). All I will say on here is that well, I finished. It wasn't pretty but it was my own fault. I lost motivation during training and didn't put in near enough miles as I should have.

ALSO...with the annual Kona Ironman World Championships on broadcast it fueled our racing addiction, thought about it, researched it, and decided to compete in our first Half Ironman in Augusta, GA in September of this year!!! Super excited! But, we had a lot to do. While spending time in Denver, we found some amazing Craiglist road bikes. Since then we've invested in some tri-gear, and only have wetsuits left to invest in (I plan on making a post about the 1/2 Ironman as well, so STAY TUNED! lol)

As mentioned before, we had enough of the cold weather and decided to revisit the land where the traveling began, and moved back to California! Since back we've been hitting the road with a running group, training for the Los Angeles Marathon. We really feel like this could be a great race! We've been training harder than usual and have put some long miles in already. I've also been really focusing on speed work this time around and set a personal record for my half marathon at a local race. I was pretty happy but was 3 minutes over a sub 2 hour race. I had placed myself too slowly at the beginning and had to really push the last 6 miles to make up for that time. Oh well, it was "the easiest" half I had ran and hope to catch that 2 hour record later this year .

With moving back to CA I've reconnected with some friends, but mostly my favorite fitness studio that fueled my passion for fitness and gave me the confidence to pursue a career in that industry. This weekend is very special! I will be learning from the creators of Yoga Booty Ballet and will be going through a teacher training certification program to eventually teach this class. I'm very excited but nervous as well. My confidence level in performing in front of people always waivers, I know what I need to do but that pressure of performing in front of my teachers/peers always gets me nervous.

So, that is all for now, I hopefully plan to keep this updated through out the month, now I don't have to fight for the laptop anymore LOL . Anyway as always, thanks for reading...Stay Posted, Stay healthy :)

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