Saturday, September 24, 2011

Turbo Fire + Video

I've done P90X, Jillian Michael 30 day shred, and 10 minute workout but I just couldn't stick with it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking any of these at home workout video programs, It just wasn't for me. By far my favorite workout has to be Yoga Booty Ballet ( my dream is to be an instructor of it one day, still working on that) BUT when you live in a place where it's not offered (and the home videos just don't work for me..I'm too spoiled by the wonderful live version I had for 4 months) I had to find something else.

P90X was ok, I could hand the intensity, I just couldn't handle the time, I'm sure others were practically fine working full time + family + car broken down + walking up hills both ways to work ETC ETC but It just wasn't for me. I work a lot of 8-9 hour shifts at work and when I come home it would already be 9pm by the time I cooked/ate dinner. So working out for another hour and 1/2 just didn't appeal to me. I did great for about a week and 1/2 but I just kept coming up with excuses when I got home from work. The 30 day shred just...wasn't  for me either .Not exciting enough.10 minute trainer just wasn't enough variety, you had 6 workouts to choose from and that was it,

I need something that involves Dancing that I can do on my own time with my varying schedule (as well as Josh's). Something I enjoy doing that I don't realize that I'm working out

I discovered Turbo Fire/Jam (same lady practically same workouts) My favorites are her High Intensity Training (HIIT) you have the option of doing a 15, 30, or 45 minute. They are choreographed Plyometrics (lots of high energy/.jumpy movement) that you go FULL out for 1 minute. You do 3 of them 3 times. I'm ALWAYS dripping with sweat at the end of just the first drill LOL. ALSO she offers lots of varying videos . On days that a certain area is sore (today was my lower body) she offers a video for the opposite area to give the sore one a rest. Today I did a 20 minute upper body toning video and once I was warm I pushed myself and did a 15 minute HIIT video . I always follow up with her 10 minute stretch.

This is Day 3 and I'm already seeing a difference in my waist line, arms, flexibility, and eating habits. I love it. It has dance (movement), Plyometrics, Kickboxing, and cardio combined :)

I recorded a video just to give you an idea of one of her HIIT drills, this was only my 3rd time attempting it..but all it matters is HEY I'm doing it! :)

  I just finished one of the drills so I'm a little out of breath and couldn't come up with what I was going to say LOL But yes This one of her TURBO FIRE videos (turbo jam is another set of workouts she sells similar to this program)

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