Friday, November 6, 2015

Fitness Friday: 12 miles and Santa Clarita Half Marathon

 Sunday- 12 mile run 8:09 Pace TT- 1:37:56  (Last long run before Santa Clarita Half Marathon)
Monday- 2 mile speed work
Tuesday- Swim Class 1,800 Meters and Crossfit 3 x 5 minute session
  1.   400m run
  2.    30 wall balls
  3.    10 ring rows
Wednesday- Crossfit For time : Alternating jump ropes and Front Press (150, 12, 120, 9, 90, 6, 60, 4)

Thursday- Day Off
Friday- Light Biking on stationary: 30 minutes
Saturday : Planned easy 5K + Expo

I'm still not able to swim or bike (at all ) as much as I would like to due to a bicycling accident I had 2 weeks ago. Wrist flexion is still painful but I've been wearing a brace and killing it with my running and crossfit modifications.

Santa Clarita will be my last half marathon in my 20's CRAZY!   I'm really hoping to have a good race and do well in my age group. Here's to keeping my fingers crossed.

Coming Soon: Product reviews on Flip Belt & Asic's Kayano 22!

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