Monday, June 22, 2015

Product Spotlight of the Week- Protein Powder

Hey guys,
  My goal that I set for myself this year included becoming stronger and focusing more on my nutrition. This being said I joined a Crossfit gym and started paying attention to the food I was eating. Of course this came with calorie counting and healthy eating but, it wasn't until I started reading "It Starts with Food " that I really began understanding it doesn't matter the calories that are consumed, but what makes up those calories. I believe it was the documentary "Hungry for a Change" that discuses how we aren't even eating food anymore but biproducts to look like food. We are eating food that has been made in a lab. Think about it. Think about the last thing you ate and where it came from, can you pronounce the items in its ingredient list?

 One component of my nutrition and strength goals were protein shakes. After notating every thing I was eating for about a month, it was evident my protein intake was extremely low.I would weight lift 3 times a week and could not retain any muscle. I felt like if I skipped a day with upperbody and focused on lower, I lost all gains I had with any upper body and had to start over again with day 1. Living in Hawaii, meat and other forms of protein are extremely expensive (nuts, legumes, etc), , so I once again jumped into mixing protein powder with my shakes. I was apprehensive about trying this, having gained a large amount of weight around my midsection last time. I did lots of research and found a product to use . I would use half the recommended serving size with almond milk only after a weight workout. After a while of continued use, I didn't see much gain and still had extreme hunger issues all day when I weight lifted.

  I've recently been introduced to a new product that I've quickly fallen in love with and have thrown my other protein powder away.

      Arbonnes Vanilla Powder Protein is a favorite workout staple of mine. One component that I love about it is that it tastes good as well as keeping me fuller longer. I usually mix  it with a banana and unsweetened almond milk. I think what I love about it is how natural it is.
   Arbonne nutrition products exclude :

  1. GMO ingredients
  2. Artificial flavor and colors
  3. High fructose corn syrup 
  4. Gluten 
  5. Artificial sweeteners
The protein powder uses pea protein (a plant based protein) and is combined with cranberry protein and rice protein.  It's vegan certified and doesn't contain a bunch of biproducts that elevate sugar levels or contain unnecessary chemicals for taste. Mostly, I love that after I drink it, I'm not hungry in 20 minutes. I don't substitute it for a meal but use it as a post workout recovery for my muscles and energy. It's light and easy to digest. 

If what I said doesn't convince you enough, here is a spread sheet , comparing other similar products, that BLEW ME AWAY.


If you can't see the pic click on the link above to go to the page

  If I haven't convinced you yet, message me and I'll let you know how I can get you 20% off the product and everything else you're interested in.

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