Friday, March 7, 2014

Los Angeles Marathon Weekend 2014: Expo - Day 1

Well, after registering in October, training since December, It's HERE! The marathon weekend is here!

This will be my 3 marathon as well as celebrating the beginning of my running career. My first race was the LA 5K in 2011 the year of the Monsoon LOL

I was super excited to get going to the Expo. Luckily, living in LA, we were able to drive to a Metro Train and take it all the way into the convention center.

My coach suggested we take advantage of being in town and visit the expo on Friday. I'm so glad we did. Running Disney and Marine Corps, it was probably one of the least crowded expos I've been to.

Wearing my traditional expo skirt, we made it to the beginning of the entrance line to get in :)

After doing a loop around the building we were in. Picking up our bibs was kind of a weird situation. We had signed up for the LA 5K and Marathon, as a package, however we were only sent one bib number. We ended up having to go to a bib lookup booth line, find our bib for the 5K , and then go back to the line to get our big, then get in another line for our shirt. This process (minus the bib lookup) was repeated for the marathon as well. AGAIN, super thankful we cleared the whole afternoon AND we went on Friday, I can only imagine that process taking almost an hour (waiting in line to get in, going to 3 different booths before picking up a bib) . But, that's what you sign up for when you register with 20,000+ other people. 

I was running on 4 hours of sleep today (my body woke me up around 4:30 and I just couldn't go back to sleep=tired look

The double shirts and big goodie bag is always nice. I love the local coupons, water bottle, and all the tons of free handouts at the LA Marathon Expo. Of the 3 marathon expos I've been too, this one is always the biggest, when it comes to samples and free items. 

Last time we found the names on a car, this time, a wall. I was excited to finally find mine :)

I was mostly excited about the jewlery booths that seem to be more popular at expos. I'm starting a "running bracelet" and haven't been to impressed with the prices online :) but found some cute charms 

Anyway, we connected with my coach, and was able to sneak a picture with him before he had to run off and do his VIP work with the marathon. 

We walked around and made it to all the venues to our sanctification and made our way home. A pretty organized expo and glad that it's finally here!...

I know I was covered HEAD to TOE in pink...but.. Honestly so many of these marathons are male heavy I wanted to support the girls at the race. I'm like of course i'm going to wear my New awesome Pink Brooks (new minimalist shoe post marathon training). I actually quite some compliments on the shoes :)..AND proudly sporting my Marine Corps Marathon Jacket... I don't think i'll ever qualify for Boston so I call it my Boston Jacket..I'm sorry but at the MCM expo I saw that it was hot pink..I begged for it..It was calling my name!..:) 

I still haven't decided on what I'm going to wear for the Marathon day..but..You can bet I Will have pink...somewhere :) My Asics  Kayanos are busting out with the Lime Green and Neon Pink. Can't wait to introduce them to their first marathon after all the training runs they've gotten me through as well as my AH-Mazing Nike Plus Watch :) already got 100+ miles on that watch since I received it as a birthday gift in January :)

More on the 5K and Marathon later!

Thanks for reading!

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