Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ramblin Rose Triathlon-Winston Salem -Training

 Can you believe it?? It's only 39 days away !!!

In 2010 I ran my first race, LA 5K...In 2011 I became a Half marathoner (Disney Princess), In 2012 I became a marathoner (Disney World ) ....2013...I was time to TRI it :)

After moving to North Carolina I looked and looked for races and this one definitely caught my eye!

I'm really excited to try it and see just how much I can push myself to do all 3 events. Of course my favorite (and best) will be the running, the biking, not a big problem...however the swimming? EEK! I spent many hours swimming in the ocean..but take away the fins and salt water? Not so easy.

With my racing background I knew I needed to train and what better way to find a schedule to help me along the way.

Here is a link to a GREAT Beginner's Triathlon Schedule: 7 Week Schedule for a Beginner Sprint Triathlon

I'm currently training for 3 other running races, SO, while training for the runs I am aiming to focus heavily on the swimming..

Not having the greatest technique with swimming...I youtubed some videos, Here are a few I found helpful

How to correct " Triathlon Swimming"
Sprint Triathlon Training- How to swim faster

Both are very helpful and gave me a better understanding on how to use less energy and gain distance

I'm really excited about having this opportunity. There are a few triathlons that are actually in the city I live but their swimming distances are so lengthy I knew I couldn't train, in the time allotted, to physically be capable to make it across the lake. So, hooray for Ramblin Rose for putting on these great events and giving us a chance to say "I TRI'ed it "....I'm hoping that this will be a stepping stone for more TRI races.

In the following weeks, I plan on posting how my training is going and then a recap of how the race went.......can't wait to get started!

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